Thursday, November 25, 2010

GSR Webisode 1!


I am two shots away from completing the first episode to be released on YouTube this weekend. Jesse and I are knocking that out on Saturday morning. I've got the rest of it ready; just need to plug in those two shots and I'll be uploading it late Saturday night, most likely.

My facebook friends have seen glimpses of it, but not the entire scenes. This is the first general release.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Production resumes on GSR!

OK, kiddies!

Some big things have happened in the past ten days, so I'm busy busy busy with paying gigs. BUT Jesse's schedule is free again (his play was a success)and I met with Ry on some cool stuff. It has been decided we would release GSR as a web serial feature, so we can start getting it out there to the widest audience.

Luckily, I've shot enough for the first episode. All I need are about five shots and I can release it within a couple weeks!

The plan is to shoot those shots on Thursday, edit over the weekend, and...hey...maybe sooner than two weeks. Hmmmmmmm....

Monday, September 13, 2010

Delayed Again

Yep. Shooting delayed until November.

It's impossible to schedule a movie under the conditions I am dealing with, therefore, I'll focus on my paying gigs...

Stay tuned because I'll be dropping in here regularly. This blog isn't just about GSR...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Release Window


It looks like we will be moving the release of GSR to October, but I'm OK with that. We've got the scheduling worked out and now the focus tightens.

I talked about the film a bit on Dark Matters Radio and will be again. In fact, I'll probably talk about it on Radio Misterioso soon, as well.

We're gonna shoot the final scene again because it can be better.

I'm energized. I think I'll post some recent photos of my actors...Here's a BW of Maleina from the day at the bridge, and above is one of Ry being shy, with a buddy, Denniz (not in the movie)

Friday, August 27, 2010


Rryan IM'd me the other night and asked when we were filming again. Ry never contacts me! Motivation seemed to have inspired my star.

So today I drove to Victorville and picked up Ry and Johnny then returned to Redlands to get Jesse. Another lovely day at the peak of a heat wave. We stopped so Ry could get some cigarettes and then we were off to the location.

I needed the entire back seat to move around so I could get the angles I needed on Rryan, so Johnny was gonna stand on the side of the road. No way. Too hot and he'd get harassed by Mentone rednecks, or cops. We dropped him at the coffee shop and hit the road.

It went pretty well. Got everything I needed in about an hour and twenty minutes. Mostly for the opening of the movie, so long shots for superimposed credits. The important thing was establishing Rryan visually. I'm pleased with what I got.

We had to get a shot or two at the bridge, so we also shot some more on Maleina's scene, mostly Jesse's reaction shots. Also a shot of both Ry and Jesse together with the car. Easy stuff. Naturally, local yokels had to be speeding across the bridge every three minutes.

The best part was when Rryan saw a bee fly inside the car. There are several beekeeping hive boxes maintained out in the open about fifty yards from the bridge. Unfortunately, the bees are working the flora under the bridge. Last week, Maleina and I started a swarm. Today wasn't so bad -- but it was funny. Rryan suddenly screamed like a frightened girl and ran away from the car. It was too fucking funny!! Jesse and I enjoyed it. We checked out the car, no bee.

Hopefully we'll be shooting next Wednesday, two key scenes. Looks like we're gonna get rolling on the picture again. I might be able to make the end of September release date, but it's iffy.

The more we inch along and get shot, the better I feel...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Progress Slow


We shot the big final scene and it's looking good in rough cut. I listened to it with a general fit of the song that will play, and it works so far. Rryan looked great in costume, Jesse was in usual pro form. I was grateful for Hoski and Johnny playing crew. They are troopers.

We were supposed to shoot again a couple days later but Jesse wasn't available, then on the next scheduled day, Rryan flaked or something, I can't recall. I think it was a flaking, damn it. Another fucking week passed before I had another day with commitment and Rryan didn't want to get out of bed. Are you serious?!? I made the trek to pick them up and that's when I learned Ry was pussing out. At least Hoski was being a pro that day. We got one scene partially done at the bridge, Hoski's shots anyway.

I had Hoski under the bridge, looking pretty. Once we were done, we managed to walk through a swarm of bees! No joke, it sucked. It is a miracle we did not get stung. After that, we went to Victoria Gardens, had some Chinese for lunch and then saw Scott Pilgrim. On the way taking Hoski back to the desert, I found out financing for my real movie, Secret of the Amazon Queen, is looking solid and the budget might get doubled! Holy shit!

We're supposed to shoot again this week, especially now that I don't have jury duty. Seriously, I need to shoot more than one fucking scene a week or this film won't be done until New Year's Eve.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Here We Go!

Friday will be the day we shoot the closing scene of GREENSPOT ROAD.

Rryan and Jesse will be in top form, no doubt. Hoski will be there, too. I went and bought Ry's costume tonight. He's gonna look awesome.

I'm glad to be back shooting this picture. Working on a film allows me to forget everything else and just absorb into the world I've written. It's a good script, GSR. It's gonna be a good film. Because of the hiatus while Jesse was gone, I want to work steady, as steady as possible, to get it shot. I was going to edit as I went, but I think I'm just gonna shoot it all first. I'll extract snips here and there for stills and trailers, but having it all in the can will allow me to relax and know it is shot.

Shooting the final scene early allows us to get Ry's big visual moment shot. In the rest he can relax, knowing that he looks great for the final scene. He and Jesse are actually so good I'm anxious to get more of them on film.

I was very frustrated the last couple days. We were supposed to shoot on Wednesday and Ry was incommunicado. Pissed me off because we had set it up the day before to shoot a bunch of car stuff. Jesse was on hold and so was I. All fucking day. I get a text from Hoski finally that night. They were in LA. Must have had some important business I suppose.  Hoski's lucky he's got such a nice ass! Anyway, we agree to shoot either Thursday or Friday and I find out Jesse can't shoot Thursday, so I spend all fuckin' day today trying to get a confirmation outta the boys for Friday. I'm so pissed that I seriously consider recasting the movie! I decide that if I don't hear from them by 7 I'll recast the fucker.

Hoski texts at 630. They want to know what time Friday!

Fuckin !@#$#@!@#$%$#@!! My beard got grayer today I swear.

But we're back on set tomorrow. Victorville. Abandoned motel. Cool.

I love these guys. They make me laugh. That's why I work with them...

Friday, July 30, 2010

GREENSPOT ROAD Back In Front of the Camera!

Jesse returns from Texas this weekend and next week we jump back into shooting!

Rryan turned 20 today, a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him!

I went to the Comic Con last week and it was fruitful in a major way...

More to follow...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TofK Update

I shot the green screen shot of Eloisa today, plus an insert of her holding the treasure map. I had forgotten to bring that important prop the day we shot on the mountain! Doh!

Next is the pyro effect shot and the process shots of Hopi...

The two-month GSR hiatus begins...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Scene from GSR

Ry and Jesse do well...CLICK HERE!

Stills from GSR

GSR Hiatus Begins

Well, today I shot Satira's shots at the bridge, including her scene with Stan Shambaugh. Naturally, after several weeks of sunny hot weather, we had clouds and mist all morning. But my actors are troopers!

Jesse will be departing for Texas for two months and we'll pick back up when he returns. In the meantime, I'll be posting stills and teasers and links to scene snippets, etc. I'll be finishing 'The Treasure of Kukulcana' and shooting a little short film featuring Maleina...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

GSR Teaser

Greenspot Road

Monday, June 7, 2010

GSR Outtakes

Friday night in Hesperia...

Click Here

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Motel Scenes Shot!


We did it; shot the motel scenes with Ry and Jesse and they were awesome. I'll be editing tomorrow, so I'll have some snippet or two to post. I'm pleased with my stars. As usual, they give me what I want.

What I enjoyed most is that both my actors experienced something slightly uncomfortable, heh heh. But they're pros. They did it. Nothing major, really. In fact, it kind of surprises me they even commented. Most importantly, they're good.

I did a little 'cinematography' with these scenes. I'd been watching The Third Man a couple weeks ago and Welles did something, a nice little touch, that I liked. So I used it a little. I think it'll be effective.

We seem to be rolling now. There are a total of four scenes shot and we'll be doing several more before Jesse departs for most of the summer. I'll have plenty to edit and refine while he's gone. He's in every scene, otherwise I'd shoot what I could while he's gone. Gives me time to secure the remaining locations and schedule, too.

Rryan is a good actor. He's natural. He knows his face and his expressions well. You can tell he models because he pretty much knows how to move his body and what to express on his face. It's usually the bane of no budget indie films that filmmakers often use friends and family and they can't act. I'm fortunate. My cast knows what they're doing.

This is one of those solitary nights. I just didn't want to go to the cafe. Actually, I was busy on a publishing project. Still, I wound down early enough to hit B&N, but had no desire. I'm listening to the song that will open GSR. I see the images of the opening in my head every time I listen to it. I have to take my time with these shots. It's integral to my vision to capture what I'll need for that. So far though, I'm really enthused with what I'm getting on this film.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Slow Going...But Going!

Damn, we're behind 'schedule'. My original vision was to be shooting most of the movie in May, but we lost days for a variety of reasons. Jesse had some theater commitments. I had days on the Vegas show. Just plain old logistics. But at least we're getting something shot this week, but we're already into June and only two scenes are shot.

Friday night we're shooting the motel room scenes with Rryan and Jesse. The good thing about getting a location is being able to knock out all or most of the scenes there in one day. Sometime between the 8th and when Jesse leaves for a couple months we're shooting Satira's scenes. I'm looking forward to that because she's gonna look awesome and we'll be knocking out about five, maybe six scenes. If we can do the hamburger joint and nightclub scenes also before Jesse goes, that gives me ten scenes wrapped by mid month. That leaves only 24 more scenes to do when he gets back in August!

It's taking longer than I prefer, but it's getting done and my actors are liking what they see. As we get more done, confidence continues to rise. I'm anxious to get to Rryan's dramatic scenes because that's what kicked off the whole movie. Rryan is key to the whole film and Jesse has delivered, to say the least. The hiatus while Jesse's in Texas will give me time to edit everything shot so far, do the audio, and have it truly final and perfected. I still think I can premier the film in September. We jump back on it in mid-August and early September, and I edit as we go, I can have a teaser by August, a short trailer by early Sept, and a full trailer a week before the movie is released.

It's going to be an eventful summer... I'm going to Nova Scotia to host a segment of a paranormal TV news program. I'm wrapping up the non-fiction book. Hammering away at development of Secret of the Amazon Queen with My Way Pictures. This week I'm releasing my new e-mag, after a year away from that venture. The Vegas show will have me there occasionally for rehearsals and interviews in the webcast the Hilton will be running. And then there's the annual big event -- Comic Con in July!

I plan to have TofK and GSR tee shirts made to wear at the Con. The My Way Pictures guys are supposed to be there officially, so I'll be hanging with them a bit. I'm looking forward to this year's con. Honestly, there have been more weak Cons than really good ones in the years we've been going, but we always have a good time regardless. This year I have a good feeling. I've got really good things going, media-wise, and there's just a vibe going that the Con itself is going to be better. Crowded, of course, as usual. But we got our cheapo hotel in Mission Valley, so we only have a ten minute or so trolley ride to the convention center. Only 49 days until Comic Con 2010!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back To The Film!

Been a few days since I posted anything. Other business has kept me away, i.e. the Vegas show I'm writing...the non-fiction book I'm finishing... development on Secret of the Amazon Queen... and my new electronic magazine nearing completion of the premier issue... Mainly, my star Jesse has been stage manager on a play and has been busy so we couldn't shoot much lately. But he wraps that up tomorrow...

On Wednesday I'll be meeting with Jesse and Bethany to record the dialogue audio for the scene they shot the other day. Looking forward to seeing how this scene will finish up...

Next week we're back on schedule!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Got the Scene!

Monday night I shot the Hekate scene with Jesse and Bethany. Jesse was excellent once again, and Bethany is a godsend! THANK YOU MODEL/ACTRESS FOR FLAKING ON US!! Because Bethany is perfect.

I made an artistic decision to shoot the visual without the audio. We're getting together next Monday to record that.

Hopefully we're shooting Thursday night in a cheap sleazy motel in Victorville, this time with Jesse and Rryan, who is also a real pro.

Enjoy these stills of Bethany from the film...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Shoot

Yes, it's true. Greenspot Road continues principal photography on Monday.

We are shooting the scene with Jesse and our new actress Bethany. I am really looking forward to doing some creative things with this one. I intend to shoot this scene a few ways. I'm confident we're gonna get something special.

I gotta say here that I had one of the best cinematic experiences of my life last night when I went to see The Complete METROPOLIS at the Royal in Santa Monica. I want to write about it more but I have something else I must take care of at the moment...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Back On Schedule!

At last, we're gonna film again.

Monday, I'm shooting the scene with Jesse and Bethany, who is replacing MODEL/ACTRESS. We'll have plenty of time to get this scene just right. This is a rather intimate scene, though not graphic. In fact, it's all dialogue. The close relationship between the actors is what will make the intimacy between the characters, hopefully. I can't stand having to wade through awkwardness with two actors physically unfamiliar with each other. It wastes time. Where this scene is concerned, I do have faith that MODEL/ACTRESS' flakiness forcing a recast will turn out for the better.

On Tuesday I plan to shoot the motel scenes with Jesse and Ry. If I can get through these, I'll have four, maybe five scenes, completed. Out of 34!! We got lots o'shootin' left to do! Hmmm, at this rate, we might have half the movie shot before Jesse goes to Texas for two months. I'd rather have two thirds or three quarters done by then.

I think the next scenes after the motel and Monday's stuff will be the Big Daddy/Uncle Red scenes, and then maybe we'll do all the car scenes. That would bring us up to about fourteen scenes. Then, if I can get the nightclub scenes shot before Jesse goes, we'll be almost halfway done. Shooting at the bridge will knock out four scenes. Hmm, we could have twenty scenes before Jesse goes. That would be better, but I doubt we'll have that many. Still, I'm going for twenty scenes by mid June.

One nice thing about Jesse being gone is that I'll have plenty of time to edit.

Tomorrow night is a screening of Metropolis featuring the original score, at the Laemle...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Damn, didn't shoot last weekend and now can't shoot until Friday. I really hope we can shoot Friday because I can knock out three or four scenes in the one location. Very important scenes. Stuff between Jesse and Ry's characters, good stuff. Plus that scene our MODEL ACTRESS flaked on the first day.

Guerrilla filmmaking has its challenges, as we all know. My upcoming obstacle is to shoot in a cheap dive motel where I can avoid the 'no visitors to the rooms' bullshit. I need to keep the room charge as close to insignificant as I can get it, but most crapholes like that have the no visitors rule. to get my actors, myself, my 'Creative Assistant' and the two PAs into the room without well as carrying in the camera/lights box... I spent years conducting clandestine operational activity, I'll figure this out...

I think I have one of the cars we need! Working on the other...

I'm invited to attend a red carpet movie premier event at the Zanuck/Fox on Thursday night. Dare I mention 'Greenspot Road'???

Friday, May 7, 2010

Next Scene...

I've been busy on other productions the past couple of days. The Vegas show is starting to roll now, the promos are up. Also, we're getting real close to finishing the development phase of 'Secret of the Amazon Queen'. AND my non-fiction book is moving through the editorial phase. Spoke with the agent about alternate titles today and we (he, my co-author Rick and I) definitely agree on cover art ideas. I have a production staff meeting on the Vegas show in L.A. this Sunday.

I'm hoping to shoot something on Saturday. I'd like to shoot the motel stuff, but nobody rents a room from morning until night, I don't think. We need to get those scenes in one stay. Hmmm, actually, maybe they will... It's only two scenes. Skeleton crew (me with camera and tripod), two actors, Rryan's sidekick Hoski and BF Johnny, and maybe Jessica. Hmmm, we'll have to trickle in. I'm sure that asking to shoot a movie in a motel room would create more complications than I need, so we're just going guerilla. I'll check in, claim one with me, then nonchalantly the others will come to the room and we'll quietly shoot the scenes. If I didn't have to be in L.A. Sunday morning, I'd just stay in the room all night. It makes me wonder: when does anyone ever use 'chalantly'?? Well, if we don't shoot that stuff, we'll maybe do the hamburger joint scene.

Next week we're making up for last Saturday and I'm actually more excited about the scene than before. We have a local actress and she has a rapport with Jesse, so that will serve the scene. I'll be able to take more time getting it just right.

Caught an Orson Welles film on TCM today and it gave me an idea for some visuals. Think I'm definitely gonna go with it.

I must secure the cars this weekend. Hoping for my best friend's dad's Fiat for the leads, and anything really will do for the other guys. Once I get the cars set, there's a lot we can get shot.

Getting late...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

GSR Scene & Stuff

Yesterday I crammed Rryan, Hoski (Maleina) and Johnny (Ry's BF) into the car with props and we went over to Ray's house to shoot the scene. Jesse met us there and Ray was ready. We tried three different hats for Ray, selecting just the right one, we think.

Ray gave me another gemstone performance. Here's what I do with him. I get him through the dialogue, adjusting here and there, then I look at it closely in the editing process. Don't want to say too much cuz I want you to see its subtle genius!

I just realized tonight that no one got any on-the-set photos. Damn it. Gotta see to it that it's covered next time. Gotta have those special features, especially photos of me directing, damn it! How am I ever going to impress that chick I sort of dig if I can't throw a few frames of me commanding this artistic venture her way? Possibly more importantly, there's the eventual biography...Make a note to myself to remind PRODUCTION ASSISTANT -- (who was that who expressed interest in gluing eyelashes on actors and shuffling various assorted candies around the craft services table??? Oh yeah -- JESSICA!!)-- about photos. In her absence, I think Hoski will make an excellent production crew photographer. Everyone does double duty around here.

Rryan looked exactly as envisioned. Considering this vision began as a project to feature Ry, it only makes sense. What a natural. I believe the audience will agree. This kid's going to be a star and I've got him in my picture. I can't wait to get to more scenes, especially a couple of big Ry moments...

Jesse: Holy crap! He's totally at ease in front of the camera. I'm gonna say it here: Jesse Cowser is going to get work in Hollywood pictures. And he's got that thing which lends to longevity, an ease in presence. He knows what to do with himself. I must ask him who he studies...

Oh yeah, forgot the duct tape. We actually got by with Scotch!!

My lighting choices made yesterday an easy set-up. I was going for a B-grade standard bright look. Set 'em up, point them at the actors, and turn 'em on. Ain't gonna go that fast for the other scenes! Might even schedule actors' set calls for after set-up. I don't like to bore people. Of course, they COULD be rehearsing...

The only expense for craft services yesterday was the pack of cigarettes I bought for Ry and Hoski. I forgot about the ice chest. Must have water and caffeine next time. Green tea for me, of course. I was STARVING after dropping off Ry et al! Grabbed some Jack. Well, I had licorice in my pocket, so I had something to chaw on. My ops foods: black licorice/G'nP, beef jerky, mints, little Bit O'Honeys, fruit leathers. I'm a pipe smoker, too, so that helps. Didn't have it with me yesterday, though.

I keep seeing close-ups for Lonnie in my head. He's got these cold eyes that'll stare right through everyone's souls. Most excellent...

Planning the next shoot for Saturday, hopefully an exterior scene. The following week, we shoot the scene we missed Saturday but with our new actress. Gonna take some time on that one.

Think I'll get to bed a little earlier tonight. Amid all the other stuff I gotta do, this movie has launched...Very cool...

Monday, May 3, 2010

One Scene In The Can!

Well, we did it!

After Saturday's fiasco, we got a scene in the can. I should say 'plastic box' cause it ain't really film, and it's not like we shot it in a john nor partook of anal sex.

I'm in the middle of working on a paying gig right now, but let me say I am VERY pleased with the result. Seriously, I will have more comments forthcoming, just can't now...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let's Try This Again...


For starters, !@#$%$#@!@#$%$#@!!!! I got an email from MODEL/ACTRESS who totally flaked yesterday and wasted our shooting day. And she tells me the reason she did it was because she has a BOYFRIEND!! Oh fucking gods on Olympus, ladies, don't EVER tell me you're flaking out because of a damned BOYFRIEND! These guys who play that passive aggressive macho bullshit on their women are the bane of my existence. 'Oh, Mister Director, I know you're counting on me and have driven several miles to make it convenient for me to appear in your film and I'm so dedicated to acting, but my boyfriend doesn't want me to do it, tee hee, giggle'. Guys, when you hook up with a girl who is already modeling naked and is dedicated to being an actress, you gotta accept who she is and her choices. Instead of making it about your fucking balls and what your ignorant buddies think, why don't you take pride in your woman being a hot chick who looks great in a movie?? You can even come to my set and watch over your property, if you like. No one's gonna poke it with strange, we're just making cinema here. I lose a day on my schedule and have to recast a role because MODEL/ACTRESS is in love! Oh for chrisskaes! EVERYBODY is in love. THIS is ART!

So, we'll try again today with a different scene. I'm waiting for a major costume piece to arrive, then I'm off. I'll be leaving momentarily to go get Maleina who is coming along with us for today's shoot with Rryan, Jesse and Ray. Gotta go to Victorville to be limo boy. I'm everything on this picture: writer, director, producer, costume designer, and limo driver. But that's only because my stars deserve the best.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Holy Crap!

So Jesse and I drive to Torrance and pick up Austin and the lights, and we get onto the 405 and work through traffic approaching our turnoff to the 101. We call MODEL/ACTRESS who is cast to play in today's scene and she kinda freaks, expressing that the film is beneath her and implied nudity will ruin her career. She's a 'professional' actress, after all...

This is a model who posed nude in photographs for me a few months ago and was gonna be as covered as a dress, by a sheet, during a scene with dialogue as the action.

Am I missing something here???

So, our lead got on the phone to a girlfriend and we have a replacement! She's very willing to do the scene. Our wasted day will be caught up during a weekday shoot and will actually now turn out better!

We three landed at Johnny Rockets and BS'd about movies and chicks.

Ah yes, the joys of no-budget cinema!

Shooting Day!

Heading out to shoot on GSR...

Just learned Paris V will do the film!

More later...

Friday, April 30, 2010

What the ???

So the day before we start shooting, I get a four and a half hour round of bullshit thrown my way on my day job. Too unbelievable to go into here, but a royal pain in the ass. Left me with an adrenalin rush. (I'm a P.I.)

Anyway, we're scheduled tomorrow to do MODEL/ACTRESS's scene with Jesse! Cool. I am anxious to get this picture started. It's very surreal that it's here upon us. It came upon me so quickly and effortlessly. Now we're shooting.

I'm sort of bummed that Hollywood Video closed. It was so superior to Blockbuster. Figures. An actual classics section. BB employed a lot of assholes, but I never encountered an asshole at a HV. Ever. Always pleasant and knowledgeable about movies.

Someone asked me how I had so much time to write things on the computer. Well, my work has me out and about a lot of places with wifi, for one. Another thing, my current employment includes writing a stage show. Anyway, just cuz I'm home doesn't mean I'm not working. It's a dream I've had for decades and now I'm doing it.

I now know exactly how we're gonna do MODEL/ACTRESS' and Jesse's scene, staging wise.

GSR Development Ramblings

Yes, I know which direction I'm going with tomorrow's scene. Thank you, Bob Fosse. Last night I watched a bit of a particular film and saw what I was hoping to see, the way to approach MODEL/ACTRESS' and Jesse's scene. I think I know now how to best capture the essence of what I wrote and storyboarded. It's actually going to be a bit different than the originally imagined visual, but it's practical and should work.

Tonight, I have to get the costume together for MODEL/ACTRESS and gather a few set dressings, put my binder in order and checklist all the equipment. Three lights, a camera and tripod. Oh boy. Hmmm, where's that production assistant...? I hear Pauley Perette hasn't signed her contract with NCIS yet, perhaps she needs something to do!

Should be receiving an important costume piece for the Sunday shoot with Ray, Rryan and Jesse by tomorrow.

I have a production meeting on the Vegas show in LA on the 9th, so that means I get one shooting day next weekend. Have to start throwing in weekdays occasionally, of course. Or double up a bit on Saturday...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

22 Seconds


The Boards Are Done!

Just finished the storyboards for the entire film, GSR!


I had to drive to Palm Springs yesterday. Paul Gregory, producer of Charles Laughton's masterpiece 'Night of the Hunter' starring Robert Mitchum, wanted to meet with me about 'Secret of the Amazon Queen'. We talked about the movie's development, he shared some cool stories. I brought him a fresh copy of the latest revision of the screenplay plus the prospectus document to show the investors. He says there are some people he wants to discuss the project with... Why does this matter? Because when 'Secret of the Amazon Queen' is finally produced and hits theaters overseas and festivals here, a lot of people are going to be watching 'Greenspot Road' and 'Treasure of Kukulcana'. Yeah, baby!

I also took the opportunity to visit a location for GSR out in Yucca Valley. It's perfect, just as I imagined from my last visit. I believe that it will be especially good in black and white. There are some minor changes I'll have to make in the action because an existing object I thought was there is not. Maybe they removed it. That happens. On 'Vertigo', Hitchcock arrived at the mission to discover that a bell tower VERY integral to the story no longer existed! It had been there on his prior visits and became central to the drama. That's why it's a matte painting in the final film. He had to have it. So, this element I need for GSR will be found somehow. Even if that's shot somewhere else entirely and inserted. That's movie magic, kiddies.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010



The editor is working again!


Met with the leading man today. He laughed at my storyboard art along with me. Everything looks like a comedy when you look at my storyboards.

God, I love cinema! Truly. That a group of people who might never have met otherwise come together for diverse reasons yet work toward one purpose is the heart of the experience. Most of my best friends I met because of movies. Most of my new friends I have met because of movies. We learn about each others' lives yet set our lives aside for a moment to bring life to a combined effort. Through our love of cinema, we enhance our lives.

This is the wellspring of the passion that must be poured into the picture.

Even my movies!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

T of K Update

DAMN that editing program!!!


Told my actors to see how much they need to wear is something they already own. I'll be hitting the thrift shops I'm certain for a few things. Satira's dress and shoes I'll have to buy cuz it's gotta be exactly what I want.

(listening to 'DU HAST' right now...)

Jessica offered to be a production assistant tonight! AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
'So... you wanna be a production assistant, darlin'?? Step right this way...' She'll be fetchin' coffee and moving cow pies around the set!! Actually, I will gladly accept her application because, as an actress, she's only in one scene. Girl's got too much good energy to not have on the set as much as she wants to be there. I get the feeling she's a creative dynamo... (Lonnie rolls his eyes...)

(listening to 'She's Got Bette Davis Eyes' right now)

Wow, we start shooting Saturday. MODEL/ACTRESS and Jesse. By Sunday night, I'm gonna have two scenes in the can. Wow, this movie has developed swiftly. That's how inspiration works, I've found. I hope I can get all the one day scenes shot first, so I can focus on the longer stuff toward the end of the schedule.

I'm waiting to hear from another actor to join the cast. Just contacted him today and he'll be cool if we get him. There's about twenty people or so, including extras.

This was supposed to be about costuming. Well, I did start out with that. I gotta pull MODEL/ACTRESS's together before Saturday. Plus the set dressing. It's very simplistic, actually, just have to gather the elements. Kind of an ethereal scene...

I am listening to a long version of 'Don't Dream It's Over'. It's got a great intro, very soft lead into a pleasant song that makes me think about certain things and a certain person. Nope, not saying who she is, just sayin'. It's one of those things where the lyrics may not exactly relate to the situation or person, but the music lulls you into a feeling. "Now I'm walking again, To the beat of a drum, And I'm counting the steps to the door of your heart..." Yeah, that one fits.

Anyway, I also gotta find the right dress for 'Eva The Nightclub Hostess'. I am used to shopping for women's clothes. Been married twice and still have had to buy ladies garments and underthings ever since I started doing my photography. Thank god none of the models are anywhere near my size! That might get people talking. Hmm, sort of makes me an Ed Wood by proxy...? Eva's a cool character, will look cool, too.

( now playing, Texas' 'Halo'...)

Gotta get some matching sunglasses for Lonnie and his co-hort. Now here's a great character. Lonnie's gonna nail it, too. And he's gonna look sharp. Every bit the way I imagined the character. Lonnie was the first actor I actually landed for this movie. He's in five scenes, but he needs to be around more than just his scenes, too. Lonnie's the kind of guy who brings glue to the troupe atmosphere. Mixes those damned killer drinks, too. I swear the bastard has some secret ingredient...

3am again and I'm writing about this film I think of all day anyway. That's the way it's supposed to be.

I have a good feeling about this movie...

Boarding Again

But I love it, I truly do...

I was thinking... Between the autumn of 2000 and summer 2005, I spent many months of the year out of the country. Places like Bosnia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Croatia, Jordan, Pakistan and some others. I remember being in these places a month at a time, week after week, day after day. Brushes with death were just part of the job and ended up vivid memory fodder for stories. I ruminated when I'd ever stay home and do the things I'm doing now, like these films. I started the publishing company in 2002, and that was the step toward this year when I was hired to write a Vegas show, when I was introduced to the superagent who is repping a book resulting from two years research and investigation into serial murder and the occult, and also landed a producer for my quirky adventure novel, 'Secret of the Amazon Queen'. And, most recently, meeting a bunch of cool new people making these movies with me. It feels like a new life starting, in some ways. That is really cool. All because of movies.

So I enjoy the storyboarding because it is that last step you do in creating the story before filming it. Yes, there is set dressing and constructing, and costuming the thespians (unless they're naked -- HI HO!). Very exciting this step -- designing each shot! I can see exactly what Lonnie is going to look like in each scene. I know exactly how Esel should turn her head in the diner. The image of Rryan in the final scene is stunning in my mind. Ray's face. Etc, etc etc. Right there reflected in the boards.

I listen to the movie music when I storyboard. I won't identify it here cuz I want it to have its fresh effect on the viewer. But I feel the music really works.

Can't wait to start shooting. Meeting with Jesse tomorrow to discuss this weekend's scenes.

Back to 'boarding...

Sunday, April 25, 2010


That's right, story-boarding again.

I subscribe to this practice, you know. It's the secret to how a director keeps control. Cuz there's never a shortage of assholes in this world waiting to pounce on the opportunity to stir the pot. It is deliriously infuriating to have even one of these individuals on your set. When you got your story-boarding tight (and the degree varies), you know exactly where you're going that shooting day. Storyboards give a director the freedom from thinking too much on the set. Thinking often looks like not knowing what you're doing. That's when the asshole pounces, the instant he sees what merely resembles uncertainty in the director's eyes. That is the reason movie directors started wearing sunglasses. It's why John Ford wore them. You thought it was so they could stare at the actresses' breasts without getting caught, but no, you're mistaken. Storyboards are great tools.

I draw stick figures occasionally. Generally I need to see some semblance of the character. My storyboards are sometimes funny. I also like storyboards because I don't like to waste people's time. My actors and crew are giving me their donated time. As much as they love working on the film, it's still their time. I value my time, so I try to respect theirs. This ethic started with my photography, but not out of respect for anyone's time. It was because I wanted to keep the budget low so I'd try to get all the shots I needed in one hour. Saving money made me confident with shooting fast. My models always like that they're done pretty quickly when working for me. They make an hour's pay and they're out of there. But I'm not paying anyone on these films, so I work quickly to keep them from going apeshit on me. Storyboards are the antidote to apeshit.

And also to the treachery of assholes.

I use index cards. The big ones. Data on the lined side, the sketch on the blank. I also use a black ink pen, medium point. 'Medio' in some parts of the world. I like that word. Reminds me of trips to Bogota when I'd order a steak in the restaurant catercorner from the Atlantico (maybe Atlantis? Can't remember) Mall entrance. The waiter would ask how I wanted it and I'd reply, 'Medio'. With a glass of Concho Y Toro 'Casillero del Diablo'. Medio. Medio.

I'm gonna need a new pack of index cards cuz I'm almost out. Only ten or so scenes and I'm almost out of cards. This is an hour long movie.

Story boarding...

T of K Moves Toward Completion...

The editorial staff at Bury Shelly Films will be doing the final cut on the interior scene of the picture! After I give my approval, only the process shots and titles remain!

Look for release of this fabulous picture in May! I will likely screen it at a gathering for the casts and crew of both TofK and GSR, on which we'll be in the middle of production. Then TofK will be released worldwide the following day.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

GSR Cast Update

Meet Jessica Ehret!

Jessica will portray 'Eva' the nightclub hostess. She drums, too. How cool. I love that. She's the bee's knees!

More GSR Cast Talents Revealed

Lonnie England, member of the GSR cast, mixes the best damned drinks you ever drank. Seriously. We know HIS job at the cast parties...


Here she is! Our latest cast member for GSR. The beautiful Satira will portray the 'objet desire' 'Belinda' in the film...

We are very happy to welcome her to our quirky little troupe!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Filming kicks off on Saturday May 1st!! We shoot on Sunday, as well. I can't wait to see actual footage captured. I am going to buy shoes for Rryan in a few moments. Gotta pick up some other costume pieces from the clothing stores. The nightclub scene is gonna be cool. I'm looking forward to lighting it. There's a plan there. Curious to see how it looks.

Read a little Lynch on Lynch last night. Gotta view Mulholland Drive again, maybe tonight. Haven't seen Lost Highway in years, but don't like it as much. Mystery Man is the best part. Does anyone agree with me that MD is a variation on LeFanu's 'Camilla'??

I should select a mug for GSR. I drink from my Vegas showgirls mug when working on the 'Triumph' show (opening in Vegas in October), and I drink from my Garbo mug while editing TofK. I drink from my San Francisco mug while writing 'Empire of Pan' and its sister novel (untitled). So, I must decide which mug will be designated for GSR. Hmmm, I have a Poe signature mug. Not sure that will do. No, it's got to feel right. The tea I drink from it must serve the work at hand. If the vessel is inappropriate, the elixir will be tainted. That will be reflected in the work.

Come to think of it, I need tea. The stash is getting low...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

GSR Breaking News!

I just cast a VERY important role in the film!

The beautiful and exotic SATIRA CIARA will portray 'Belinda', the center of all the drama for our leading man! More to follow...

GSR Pre-Production Musings

I met with Lonnie tonight to run through the script. He has a really cool house. Seriously. If you are addicted to TCM, as I am, and if you appreciate certain things of times gone by, you'd love this place. And it's right by an old cemetery! How cool is that? Lonnie is going to be quite a contributing factor to the success of GSR. I'm gonna like working with this guy, I can tell. He's a real human being. Of course all of us on this movie are weird, but I find that comforting...

After the bookstore, I came home and talked with Jessika for over an hour. Very cool chick. She's a drummer! I like girl drummers. Jessika will appear in GSR but I'm not gonna tell you any more than that because it's gonna be a memorable appearance. She's Lonnie's friend and I just met her a couple days ago -- and what a whirlwind! She wants to help make GSR happen and then some, so I'm quite enthused to have her aboard...Most women I know think my pursuits are bizarre. Jessika is refreshing...

Did some more storyboarding. I am really anxious to get started. But I am equally energized to get TofK completed and premiered because I am really pleased with how that's turning out. That's the way it usually is with creative stuff, as you're finishing one thing, you're starting another... I know that Ry is going to be very impressive in GSR. I'm pretty confident I know how to draw a spot on performance from him. He's a natural. And his buddy Maleina impresses me a lot. Hell, I'm thrilled with the whole cast: Jesse's a sure bet, I know. Lonnie's solid. Toree, Esel, perfect. And Stan is gonna be surprised how well he does.

I love this shit. For nineteen years I did something else I thoroughly enjoyed and now it's time to do this. Now I have to come up with a picture featuring my dear sweet Kokopelli...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TofK Exterior Cut Restored!

It was a chore, but it's done.

I just restored the edited exterior portion of TofK plus added the treasure grove scene shot last week. Now all that remains in the exterior portion are the special effects shots and the airport transition footage and the exterior is done. That's two thirds of the running time.

Next will be the final cut of the interior opening of the film, to be joined to the rest.

Overall, the picture is looking really satisfying to my eye...

'Treasure of Kukulcana' Edit

Here's a shot of the cave entrance set for the film. This is actually at the bottom of the mountain, near the parking lot. I think they use it for the annual passion play. Every year, a local Jesus emerges from here. That would be a fun short: the resurrection emergence of the Jesus from each year, one right after the other, just to see how different the Jesus looks each time. You could create a really cool morphing shot. Tall Jesus, short Jesus, fat Jesus, skinny Jesus, white Jesus, black Jesus, Latino Jesus, Armenian Jesus, Chinese Jesus, etc, etc. Anyway, it's a cool set. Looks real enough for low budget homage indie flicks copping the style of 1950s back alley Hollywood.

I had to recreate last month's cut I did on the exterior half of the film. Long story, but it's almost back. Tonight I did some great restoration work, actually cut some scenes better than they were before. The 'treasure grove' scene shot last Friday looks sufficient. I can't wait to get this section cut so there only remains plugging in the process shots. Those are the money shots, really. The 'cool shit' that everyone will get a kick out of.

My cast is pretty good. I realize that as I cut certain shots. Jon understands presence and knows what to do with himself. He's good at intensity and confused frustration...Of course, that could just be his horrified reaction to my direction. Eloisa's a pro, too. She actually has these little gestures and expressions that never fail to crack me up as I watch the shots over and over to get just the right one. In fact, Eloisa displays just the right sort of amusement -- she doesn't break character, yet she's the Bugs Bunny of the picture. The one character that could look at the camera and get away with it. Ray is some good ham. I mean that with all respect, too. His face does half the work without trying, but his expressions are classic. Esel is completely at ease and I am anxious to film her again in GSR because you'll get to see more of her in that film.

Cutting gives me the true appreciation for what we've done. TofK is gonna be an entertaining flick.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cast of GSR Continued...

I said I'd finish this today...

GSR also includes the entire cast of TofK. You already met Ray. Appearing in an integral role is Esel Lopez. Look for her in one scene of TofK and you'll recognize her very important place in the plot of GSR.

Also, Jon Kondelik and Eloisa Alaniz will appear in two scenes of GSR, so fans of TofK will be watching for them.

Majek Smith, my favorite model from my publishing company, will appear in GSR.

As the rest of the cast is confirmed, I will report it here...

On Location with 'Kukulcana'

Here are some photos of our day on location at Mt.Rubidoux...

I am pictured with star Jon Kondelik, production assistant and stand-in Robby 'Blockhead' Harkins along with star Elois Alaniz' husband who served as our unit still photographer.

I'm the fool with the 'director's hat'. That's how you can tell it's an Uncle Walty picture as I wear this hat. Of course, the day we shot in Prospect Park, I had on my twenty year old Orioles hat -- but that was a subconscious manifestation of homage to Baltimore film icon John Waters, of course.

It was quite a day, getting shots of climbing the mountain plus the action sequences at the top. Rubidoux is a great location and I had wanted to use it for a couple of years. ToK was written to use the mountain, actually. No Budget Cinema is all about available resources...

Damned Video Bar


If you ever come here and the video bar is anything but stuff related to me, blame Google and Blogspot. Randomly they will choose to ignore the keywords and link and list a bunch of crap totally unrelated to Uncle Walty...It should be AdventureMan6399's channel on YouTube...

Greenspot Road Begins Shooting in May

It looks like GSR will start shooting the first weekend in May...This one is NOTHING like TofK, so don't expect adventure...The first scene we shoot will feature the lead Jesse and our lovely veteran MODEL/ACTRESS. This one's gonna be simple. Of course, simple shouldn't imply easy. Nothing perverse in this scene, but we're just getting started...

T of K Preview!

Coming soon!

On the Set of 'Kukulcana'

Here are some more images from the set of Treasure of Kukulcana, featuring the cast and DP for the interior scenes, writer/director Austin Bosley of Bury Shelley Films...

'Treasure of Kukulcana'

I told you I am about to release the first official 'no-budget cinema' picture, 'The Treasure of Kukulcana'. This one stars Jon Kondelik and Eloisa Alaniz, along with Raymond Howard and Esel Lopez, who all appear in GSR, by the way.

TofK is an 18 minute adventure mini-feature in a more traditional adventure mystery vein. It was filmed in Highland and on locations at Mt Rubidoux and Prospect Park in Redlands. We wrapped up principal photography on Friday and all that remains are a few green screen process shots. I'll be announcing its release here as I am very proud of this picture. It was a lot of fun and the cast was great to work with...

Greenspot Road Cast Photos

Here's a look at some of the cast of 'GSR':


Ray Howard



Jesse James Cowser: I met with Jesse for the first time at Cafe Royale in Redlands. He's got some good theater experience and if Jesse and Mark Wahlberg and Thomas Haden Church were brothers, Warren Oates would be their father. Jesse is full of confidence and enthusiasm. He plays the role of 'Johnny', whose odyssey the picture chronicles. I think he's gonna be very impressive...

Ry: I have photographed Ry a couple of times now for other ventures and, quite frankly, this picture was created for this very interesting individual. Ry transforms, to put it mildly. I'm quite intrigued with the presence and know viewers will be, too. You're gonna be hearing about Ry a lot more in the near future beyond this film...Ry plays 'J' in the film...

Lonnie England: He responded to my ad on Craig's List and upon meeting him at Starbuck's in Riverside I could tell immediately that he would have the presence I was looking for in the role he plays. Lonnie and I spent a few hours talking about old movies and some of the alternative themes in Greenspot Road. I can work with this guy. I look forward to capturing his performance. Lonnie has been in bands and has theater experience. He knows his way around the stage and life. This is the kind of actor whose presence brings a texture that enriches and elevates any film...

MODEL/ACTRESS: I photographed her a few months back and found her to be a very sharp and friendly person. I am quite pleased that she agreed to appear in my movie. I think you will be impressed...

Raymond Howard
: A character actor I have already worked with in my first no-budget picture to be released soon, 'The Treasure of Kukulcana'. Ray has that look and presence you just can't pass up as a director. He's also a regular at the Cafe Royale where I originally ran into him. Ray and I have had many interesting and bizarre conversation on strange and mystical topics. If I can write a role for him in every picture, I will!

Wow, it's getting late and my neck hurts from sitting here all day. I'll return to discuss the rest of the cast tomorrow...

One Sheets

Hey, check out the official one-sheet for the film! This one features a supporting actor in the film, Maleina Mone'y...


To all of you who wander here, I am grateful. This is the place to read the latest announcements and peruse the musings and reports related to the production of my 'no-budget' motion pictures written, directed and produced by me, according to my vision. These movies will be distributed via my website (link to be announced) and other internet venues where lovers of truly independent cinema seek out films that Hollywood would never produce.

For those who may know me for the other things I do in the media, I warn you now that what you see Uncle Walty create may not be what you expect nor appreciate. Here you will find the pictures that come from a different corner of my psyche. These films will be explorations to horizons tangential to my usual norm. Case in point, my second offering to be shot this summer: 'GREENSPOT ROAD'...

In the coming weeks and months, this blog will be a sort of diary of the production of the film. You will meet the cast. You will see on the set images. You will experience the agony and the ecstasy that is motion picture production.

Again, thank you for giving me and my cinematic musing some attention.

And here we go...