Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back To The Film!

Been a few days since I posted anything. Other business has kept me away, i.e. the Vegas show I'm writing...the non-fiction book I'm finishing... development on Secret of the Amazon Queen... and my new electronic magazine nearing completion of the premier issue... Mainly, my star Jesse has been stage manager on a play and has been busy so we couldn't shoot much lately. But he wraps that up tomorrow...

On Wednesday I'll be meeting with Jesse and Bethany to record the dialogue audio for the scene they shot the other day. Looking forward to seeing how this scene will finish up...

Next week we're back on schedule!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Got the Scene!

Monday night I shot the Hekate scene with Jesse and Bethany. Jesse was excellent once again, and Bethany is a godsend! THANK YOU MODEL/ACTRESS FOR FLAKING ON US!! Because Bethany is perfect.

I made an artistic decision to shoot the visual without the audio. We're getting together next Monday to record that.

Hopefully we're shooting Thursday night in a cheap sleazy motel in Victorville, this time with Jesse and Rryan, who is also a real pro.

Enjoy these stills of Bethany from the film...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Shoot

Yes, it's true. Greenspot Road continues principal photography on Monday.

We are shooting the scene with Jesse and our new actress Bethany. I am really looking forward to doing some creative things with this one. I intend to shoot this scene a few ways. I'm confident we're gonna get something special.

I gotta say here that I had one of the best cinematic experiences of my life last night when I went to see The Complete METROPOLIS at the Royal in Santa Monica. I want to write about it more but I have something else I must take care of at the moment...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Back On Schedule!

At last, we're gonna film again.

Monday, I'm shooting the scene with Jesse and Bethany, who is replacing MODEL/ACTRESS. We'll have plenty of time to get this scene just right. This is a rather intimate scene, though not graphic. In fact, it's all dialogue. The close relationship between the actors is what will make the intimacy between the characters, hopefully. I can't stand having to wade through awkwardness with two actors physically unfamiliar with each other. It wastes time. Where this scene is concerned, I do have faith that MODEL/ACTRESS' flakiness forcing a recast will turn out for the better.

On Tuesday I plan to shoot the motel scenes with Jesse and Ry. If I can get through these, I'll have four, maybe five scenes, completed. Out of 34!! We got lots o'shootin' left to do! Hmmm, at this rate, we might have half the movie shot before Jesse goes to Texas for two months. I'd rather have two thirds or three quarters done by then.

I think the next scenes after the motel and Monday's stuff will be the Big Daddy/Uncle Red scenes, and then maybe we'll do all the car scenes. That would bring us up to about fourteen scenes. Then, if I can get the nightclub scenes shot before Jesse goes, we'll be almost halfway done. Shooting at the bridge will knock out four scenes. Hmm, we could have twenty scenes before Jesse goes. That would be better, but I doubt we'll have that many. Still, I'm going for twenty scenes by mid June.

One nice thing about Jesse being gone is that I'll have plenty of time to edit.

Tomorrow night is a screening of Metropolis featuring the original score, at the Laemle...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Damn, didn't shoot last weekend and now can't shoot until Friday. I really hope we can shoot Friday because I can knock out three or four scenes in the one location. Very important scenes. Stuff between Jesse and Ry's characters, good stuff. Plus that scene our MODEL ACTRESS flaked on the first day.

Guerrilla filmmaking has its challenges, as we all know. My upcoming obstacle is to shoot in a cheap dive motel where I can avoid the 'no visitors to the rooms' bullshit. I need to keep the room charge as close to insignificant as I can get it, but most crapholes like that have the no visitors rule. to get my actors, myself, my 'Creative Assistant' and the two PAs into the room without well as carrying in the camera/lights box... I spent years conducting clandestine operational activity, I'll figure this out...

I think I have one of the cars we need! Working on the other...

I'm invited to attend a red carpet movie premier event at the Zanuck/Fox on Thursday night. Dare I mention 'Greenspot Road'???

Friday, May 7, 2010

Next Scene...

I've been busy on other productions the past couple of days. The Vegas show is starting to roll now, the promos are up. Also, we're getting real close to finishing the development phase of 'Secret of the Amazon Queen'. AND my non-fiction book is moving through the editorial phase. Spoke with the agent about alternate titles today and we (he, my co-author Rick and I) definitely agree on cover art ideas. I have a production staff meeting on the Vegas show in L.A. this Sunday.

I'm hoping to shoot something on Saturday. I'd like to shoot the motel stuff, but nobody rents a room from morning until night, I don't think. We need to get those scenes in one stay. Hmmm, actually, maybe they will... It's only two scenes. Skeleton crew (me with camera and tripod), two actors, Rryan's sidekick Hoski and BF Johnny, and maybe Jessica. Hmmm, we'll have to trickle in. I'm sure that asking to shoot a movie in a motel room would create more complications than I need, so we're just going guerilla. I'll check in, claim one with me, then nonchalantly the others will come to the room and we'll quietly shoot the scenes. If I didn't have to be in L.A. Sunday morning, I'd just stay in the room all night. It makes me wonder: when does anyone ever use 'chalantly'?? Well, if we don't shoot that stuff, we'll maybe do the hamburger joint scene.

Next week we're making up for last Saturday and I'm actually more excited about the scene than before. We have a local actress and she has a rapport with Jesse, so that will serve the scene. I'll be able to take more time getting it just right.

Caught an Orson Welles film on TCM today and it gave me an idea for some visuals. Think I'm definitely gonna go with it.

I must secure the cars this weekend. Hoping for my best friend's dad's Fiat for the leads, and anything really will do for the other guys. Once I get the cars set, there's a lot we can get shot.

Getting late...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

GSR Scene & Stuff

Yesterday I crammed Rryan, Hoski (Maleina) and Johnny (Ry's BF) into the car with props and we went over to Ray's house to shoot the scene. Jesse met us there and Ray was ready. We tried three different hats for Ray, selecting just the right one, we think.

Ray gave me another gemstone performance. Here's what I do with him. I get him through the dialogue, adjusting here and there, then I look at it closely in the editing process. Don't want to say too much cuz I want you to see its subtle genius!

I just realized tonight that no one got any on-the-set photos. Damn it. Gotta see to it that it's covered next time. Gotta have those special features, especially photos of me directing, damn it! How am I ever going to impress that chick I sort of dig if I can't throw a few frames of me commanding this artistic venture her way? Possibly more importantly, there's the eventual biography...Make a note to myself to remind PRODUCTION ASSISTANT -- (who was that who expressed interest in gluing eyelashes on actors and shuffling various assorted candies around the craft services table??? Oh yeah -- JESSICA!!)-- about photos. In her absence, I think Hoski will make an excellent production crew photographer. Everyone does double duty around here.

Rryan looked exactly as envisioned. Considering this vision began as a project to feature Ry, it only makes sense. What a natural. I believe the audience will agree. This kid's going to be a star and I've got him in my picture. I can't wait to get to more scenes, especially a couple of big Ry moments...

Jesse: Holy crap! He's totally at ease in front of the camera. I'm gonna say it here: Jesse Cowser is going to get work in Hollywood pictures. And he's got that thing which lends to longevity, an ease in presence. He knows what to do with himself. I must ask him who he studies...

Oh yeah, forgot the duct tape. We actually got by with Scotch!!

My lighting choices made yesterday an easy set-up. I was going for a B-grade standard bright look. Set 'em up, point them at the actors, and turn 'em on. Ain't gonna go that fast for the other scenes! Might even schedule actors' set calls for after set-up. I don't like to bore people. Of course, they COULD be rehearsing...

The only expense for craft services yesterday was the pack of cigarettes I bought for Ry and Hoski. I forgot about the ice chest. Must have water and caffeine next time. Green tea for me, of course. I was STARVING after dropping off Ry et al! Grabbed some Jack. Well, I had licorice in my pocket, so I had something to chaw on. My ops foods: black licorice/G'nP, beef jerky, mints, little Bit O'Honeys, fruit leathers. I'm a pipe smoker, too, so that helps. Didn't have it with me yesterday, though.

I keep seeing close-ups for Lonnie in my head. He's got these cold eyes that'll stare right through everyone's souls. Most excellent...

Planning the next shoot for Saturday, hopefully an exterior scene. The following week, we shoot the scene we missed Saturday but with our new actress. Gonna take some time on that one.

Think I'll get to bed a little earlier tonight. Amid all the other stuff I gotta do, this movie has launched...Very cool...

Monday, May 3, 2010

One Scene In The Can!

Well, we did it!

After Saturday's fiasco, we got a scene in the can. I should say 'plastic box' cause it ain't really film, and it's not like we shot it in a john nor partook of anal sex.

I'm in the middle of working on a paying gig right now, but let me say I am VERY pleased with the result. Seriously, I will have more comments forthcoming, just can't now...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let's Try This Again...


For starters, !@#$%$#@!@#$%$#@!!!! I got an email from MODEL/ACTRESS who totally flaked yesterday and wasted our shooting day. And she tells me the reason she did it was because she has a BOYFRIEND!! Oh fucking gods on Olympus, ladies, don't EVER tell me you're flaking out because of a damned BOYFRIEND! These guys who play that passive aggressive macho bullshit on their women are the bane of my existence. 'Oh, Mister Director, I know you're counting on me and have driven several miles to make it convenient for me to appear in your film and I'm so dedicated to acting, but my boyfriend doesn't want me to do it, tee hee, giggle'. Guys, when you hook up with a girl who is already modeling naked and is dedicated to being an actress, you gotta accept who she is and her choices. Instead of making it about your fucking balls and what your ignorant buddies think, why don't you take pride in your woman being a hot chick who looks great in a movie?? You can even come to my set and watch over your property, if you like. No one's gonna poke it with strange, we're just making cinema here. I lose a day on my schedule and have to recast a role because MODEL/ACTRESS is in love! Oh for chrisskaes! EVERYBODY is in love. THIS is ART!

So, we'll try again today with a different scene. I'm waiting for a major costume piece to arrive, then I'm off. I'll be leaving momentarily to go get Maleina who is coming along with us for today's shoot with Rryan, Jesse and Ray. Gotta go to Victorville to be limo boy. I'm everything on this picture: writer, director, producer, costume designer, and limo driver. But that's only because my stars deserve the best.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Holy Crap!

So Jesse and I drive to Torrance and pick up Austin and the lights, and we get onto the 405 and work through traffic approaching our turnoff to the 101. We call MODEL/ACTRESS who is cast to play in today's scene and she kinda freaks, expressing that the film is beneath her and implied nudity will ruin her career. She's a 'professional' actress, after all...

This is a model who posed nude in photographs for me a few months ago and was gonna be as covered as a dress, by a sheet, during a scene with dialogue as the action.

Am I missing something here???

So, our lead got on the phone to a girlfriend and we have a replacement! She's very willing to do the scene. Our wasted day will be caught up during a weekday shoot and will actually now turn out better!

We three landed at Johnny Rockets and BS'd about movies and chicks.

Ah yes, the joys of no-budget cinema!

Shooting Day!

Heading out to shoot on GSR...

Just learned Paris V will do the film!

More later...