Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Told my actors to see how much they need to wear is something they already own. I'll be hitting the thrift shops I'm certain for a few things. Satira's dress and shoes I'll have to buy cuz it's gotta be exactly what I want.

(listening to 'DU HAST' right now...)

Jessica offered to be a production assistant tonight! AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
'So... you wanna be a production assistant, darlin'?? Step right this way...' She'll be fetchin' coffee and moving cow pies around the set!! Actually, I will gladly accept her application because, as an actress, she's only in one scene. Girl's got too much good energy to not have on the set as much as she wants to be there. I get the feeling she's a creative dynamo... (Lonnie rolls his eyes...)

(listening to 'She's Got Bette Davis Eyes' right now)

Wow, we start shooting Saturday. MODEL/ACTRESS and Jesse. By Sunday night, I'm gonna have two scenes in the can. Wow, this movie has developed swiftly. That's how inspiration works, I've found. I hope I can get all the one day scenes shot first, so I can focus on the longer stuff toward the end of the schedule.

I'm waiting to hear from another actor to join the cast. Just contacted him today and he'll be cool if we get him. There's about twenty people or so, including extras.

This was supposed to be about costuming. Well, I did start out with that. I gotta pull MODEL/ACTRESS's together before Saturday. Plus the set dressing. It's very simplistic, actually, just have to gather the elements. Kind of an ethereal scene...

I am listening to a long version of 'Don't Dream It's Over'. It's got a great intro, very soft lead into a pleasant song that makes me think about certain things and a certain person. Nope, not saying who she is, just sayin'. It's one of those things where the lyrics may not exactly relate to the situation or person, but the music lulls you into a feeling. "Now I'm walking again, To the beat of a drum, And I'm counting the steps to the door of your heart..." Yeah, that one fits.

Anyway, I also gotta find the right dress for 'Eva The Nightclub Hostess'. I am used to shopping for women's clothes. Been married twice and still have had to buy ladies garments and underthings ever since I started doing my photography. Thank god none of the models are anywhere near my size! That might get people talking. Hmm, sort of makes me an Ed Wood by proxy...? Eva's a cool character, will look cool, too.

( now playing, Texas' 'Halo'...)

Gotta get some matching sunglasses for Lonnie and his co-hort. Now here's a great character. Lonnie's gonna nail it, too. And he's gonna look sharp. Every bit the way I imagined the character. Lonnie was the first actor I actually landed for this movie. He's in five scenes, but he needs to be around more than just his scenes, too. Lonnie's the kind of guy who brings glue to the troupe atmosphere. Mixes those damned killer drinks, too. I swear the bastard has some secret ingredient...

3am again and I'm writing about this film I think of all day anyway. That's the way it's supposed to be.

I have a good feeling about this movie...

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