Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Slow Going...But Going!

Damn, we're behind 'schedule'. My original vision was to be shooting most of the movie in May, but we lost days for a variety of reasons. Jesse had some theater commitments. I had days on the Vegas show. Just plain old logistics. But at least we're getting something shot this week, but we're already into June and only two scenes are shot.

Friday night we're shooting the motel room scenes with Rryan and Jesse. The good thing about getting a location is being able to knock out all or most of the scenes there in one day. Sometime between the 8th and when Jesse leaves for a couple months we're shooting Satira's scenes. I'm looking forward to that because she's gonna look awesome and we'll be knocking out about five, maybe six scenes. If we can do the hamburger joint and nightclub scenes also before Jesse goes, that gives me ten scenes wrapped by mid month. That leaves only 24 more scenes to do when he gets back in August!

It's taking longer than I prefer, but it's getting done and my actors are liking what they see. As we get more done, confidence continues to rise. I'm anxious to get to Rryan's dramatic scenes because that's what kicked off the whole movie. Rryan is key to the whole film and Jesse has delivered, to say the least. The hiatus while Jesse's in Texas will give me time to edit everything shot so far, do the audio, and have it truly final and perfected. I still think I can premier the film in September. We jump back on it in mid-August and early September, and I edit as we go, I can have a teaser by August, a short trailer by early Sept, and a full trailer a week before the movie is released.

It's going to be an eventful summer... I'm going to Nova Scotia to host a segment of a paranormal TV news program. I'm wrapping up the non-fiction book. Hammering away at development of Secret of the Amazon Queen with My Way Pictures. This week I'm releasing my new e-mag, after a year away from that venture. The Vegas show will have me there occasionally for rehearsals and interviews in the webcast the Hilton will be running. And then there's the annual big event -- Comic Con in July!

I plan to have TofK and GSR tee shirts made to wear at the Con. The My Way Pictures guys are supposed to be there officially, so I'll be hanging with them a bit. I'm looking forward to this year's con. Honestly, there have been more weak Cons than really good ones in the years we've been going, but we always have a good time regardless. This year I have a good feeling. I've got really good things going, media-wise, and there's just a vibe going that the Con itself is going to be better. Crowded, of course, as usual. But we got our cheapo hotel in Mission Valley, so we only have a ten minute or so trolley ride to the convention center. Only 49 days until Comic Con 2010!

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