Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boarding Again

But I love it, I truly do...

I was thinking... Between the autumn of 2000 and summer 2005, I spent many months of the year out of the country. Places like Bosnia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Croatia, Jordan, Pakistan and some others. I remember being in these places a month at a time, week after week, day after day. Brushes with death were just part of the job and ended up vivid memory fodder for stories. I ruminated when I'd ever stay home and do the things I'm doing now, like these films. I started the publishing company in 2002, and that was the step toward this year when I was hired to write a Vegas show, when I was introduced to the superagent who is repping a book resulting from two years research and investigation into serial murder and the occult, and also landed a producer for my quirky adventure novel, 'Secret of the Amazon Queen'. And, most recently, meeting a bunch of cool new people making these movies with me. It feels like a new life starting, in some ways. That is really cool. All because of movies.

So I enjoy the storyboarding because it is that last step you do in creating the story before filming it. Yes, there is set dressing and constructing, and costuming the thespians (unless they're naked -- HI HO!). Very exciting this step -- designing each shot! I can see exactly what Lonnie is going to look like in each scene. I know exactly how Esel should turn her head in the diner. The image of Rryan in the final scene is stunning in my mind. Ray's face. Etc, etc etc. Right there reflected in the boards.

I listen to the movie music when I storyboard. I won't identify it here cuz I want it to have its fresh effect on the viewer. But I feel the music really works.

Can't wait to start shooting. Meeting with Jesse tomorrow to discuss this weekend's scenes.

Back to 'boarding...

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