Sunday, June 6, 2010

Motel Scenes Shot!


We did it; shot the motel scenes with Ry and Jesse and they were awesome. I'll be editing tomorrow, so I'll have some snippet or two to post. I'm pleased with my stars. As usual, they give me what I want.

What I enjoyed most is that both my actors experienced something slightly uncomfortable, heh heh. But they're pros. They did it. Nothing major, really. In fact, it kind of surprises me they even commented. Most importantly, they're good.

I did a little 'cinematography' with these scenes. I'd been watching The Third Man a couple weeks ago and Welles did something, a nice little touch, that I liked. So I used it a little. I think it'll be effective.

We seem to be rolling now. There are a total of four scenes shot and we'll be doing several more before Jesse departs for most of the summer. I'll have plenty to edit and refine while he's gone. He's in every scene, otherwise I'd shoot what I could while he's gone. Gives me time to secure the remaining locations and schedule, too.

Rryan is a good actor. He's natural. He knows his face and his expressions well. You can tell he models because he pretty much knows how to move his body and what to express on his face. It's usually the bane of no budget indie films that filmmakers often use friends and family and they can't act. I'm fortunate. My cast knows what they're doing.

This is one of those solitary nights. I just didn't want to go to the cafe. Actually, I was busy on a publishing project. Still, I wound down early enough to hit B&N, but had no desire. I'm listening to the song that will open GSR. I see the images of the opening in my head every time I listen to it. I have to take my time with these shots. It's integral to my vision to capture what I'll need for that. So far though, I'm really enthused with what I'm getting on this film.

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