Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On Location with 'Kukulcana'

Here are some photos of our day on location at Mt.Rubidoux...

I am pictured with star Jon Kondelik, production assistant and stand-in Robby 'Blockhead' Harkins along with star Elois Alaniz' husband who served as our unit still photographer.

I'm the fool with the 'director's hat'. That's how you can tell it's an Uncle Walty picture as I wear this hat. Of course, the day we shot in Prospect Park, I had on my twenty year old Orioles hat -- but that was a subconscious manifestation of homage to Baltimore film icon John Waters, of course.

It was quite a day, getting shots of climbing the mountain plus the action sequences at the top. Rubidoux is a great location and I had wanted to use it for a couple of years. ToK was written to use the mountain, actually. No Budget Cinema is all about available resources...

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