Thursday, April 29, 2010


I had to drive to Palm Springs yesterday. Paul Gregory, producer of Charles Laughton's masterpiece 'Night of the Hunter' starring Robert Mitchum, wanted to meet with me about 'Secret of the Amazon Queen'. We talked about the movie's development, he shared some cool stories. I brought him a fresh copy of the latest revision of the screenplay plus the prospectus document to show the investors. He says there are some people he wants to discuss the project with... Why does this matter? Because when 'Secret of the Amazon Queen' is finally produced and hits theaters overseas and festivals here, a lot of people are going to be watching 'Greenspot Road' and 'Treasure of Kukulcana'. Yeah, baby!

I also took the opportunity to visit a location for GSR out in Yucca Valley. It's perfect, just as I imagined from my last visit. I believe that it will be especially good in black and white. There are some minor changes I'll have to make in the action because an existing object I thought was there is not. Maybe they removed it. That happens. On 'Vertigo', Hitchcock arrived at the mission to discover that a bell tower VERY integral to the story no longer existed! It had been there on his prior visits and became central to the drama. That's why it's a matte painting in the final film. He had to have it. So, this element I need for GSR will be found somehow. Even if that's shot somewhere else entirely and inserted. That's movie magic, kiddies.

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