Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Damn, didn't shoot last weekend and now can't shoot until Friday. I really hope we can shoot Friday because I can knock out three or four scenes in the one location. Very important scenes. Stuff between Jesse and Ry's characters, good stuff. Plus that scene our MODEL ACTRESS flaked on the first day.

Guerrilla filmmaking has its challenges, as we all know. My upcoming obstacle is to shoot in a cheap dive motel where I can avoid the 'no visitors to the rooms' bullshit. I need to keep the room charge as close to insignificant as I can get it, but most crapholes like that have the no visitors rule. So...how to get my actors, myself, my 'Creative Assistant' and the two PAs into the room without notice...as well as carrying in the camera/lights box... I spent years conducting clandestine operational activity, I'll figure this out...

I think I have one of the cars we need! Working on the other...

I'm invited to attend a red carpet movie premier event at the Zanuck/Fox on Thursday night. Dare I mention 'Greenspot Road'???

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