Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Progress Slow


We shot the big final scene and it's looking good in rough cut. I listened to it with a general fit of the song that will play, and it works so far. Rryan looked great in costume, Jesse was in usual pro form. I was grateful for Hoski and Johnny playing crew. They are troopers.

We were supposed to shoot again a couple days later but Jesse wasn't available, then on the next scheduled day, Rryan flaked or something, I can't recall. I think it was a flaking, damn it. Another fucking week passed before I had another day with commitment and Rryan didn't want to get out of bed. Are you serious?!? I made the trek to pick them up and that's when I learned Ry was pussing out. At least Hoski was being a pro that day. We got one scene partially done at the bridge, Hoski's shots anyway.

I had Hoski under the bridge, looking pretty. Once we were done, we managed to walk through a swarm of bees! No joke, it sucked. It is a miracle we did not get stung. After that, we went to Victoria Gardens, had some Chinese for lunch and then saw Scott Pilgrim. On the way taking Hoski back to the desert, I found out financing for my real movie, Secret of the Amazon Queen, is looking solid and the budget might get doubled! Holy shit!

We're supposed to shoot again this week, especially now that I don't have jury duty. Seriously, I need to shoot more than one fucking scene a week or this film won't be done until New Year's Eve.

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