Friday, April 23, 2010


Filming kicks off on Saturday May 1st!! We shoot on Sunday, as well. I can't wait to see actual footage captured. I am going to buy shoes for Rryan in a few moments. Gotta pick up some other costume pieces from the clothing stores. The nightclub scene is gonna be cool. I'm looking forward to lighting it. There's a plan there. Curious to see how it looks.

Read a little Lynch on Lynch last night. Gotta view Mulholland Drive again, maybe tonight. Haven't seen Lost Highway in years, but don't like it as much. Mystery Man is the best part. Does anyone agree with me that MD is a variation on LeFanu's 'Camilla'??

I should select a mug for GSR. I drink from my Vegas showgirls mug when working on the 'Triumph' show (opening in Vegas in October), and I drink from my Garbo mug while editing TofK. I drink from my San Francisco mug while writing 'Empire of Pan' and its sister novel (untitled). So, I must decide which mug will be designated for GSR. Hmmm, I have a Poe signature mug. Not sure that will do. No, it's got to feel right. The tea I drink from it must serve the work at hand. If the vessel is inappropriate, the elixir will be tainted. That will be reflected in the work.

Come to think of it, I need tea. The stash is getting low...

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