Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017: New Equipment!

As stated last month, I'm moving toward a new film project. Just a few days ago I purchased a lens adapter for a DSLR also just acquired by my future camera operator whose still and vlog photography I do for her when she is in front of the camera. This means I can apply my virtually new lenses from my now 'obsolete' 35mm SLR to my film projects, giving me a wider range of visual quality.

Next on the shopping list: Sound equipment. That said, I'm looking to do another silent picture first so that'll give me a little time to acquire audio gear.

More to follow, soon...

Friday, December 9, 2016

It Just Might Happen

I've said it before -- and I meant it: No Budget Cinema will return.

For a variety of reasons we won't go into on this blog, it looks like the US economy is going to come back strong. If that indeed happens, there may be more disposable income in people's hands and bank accounts. It is disposable income upon which ventures like this depend and thrive. It really is a lack of money holding back our productions, though I have shot a horror film that is sitting in post so it's not like I haven't tried since finishing the silent film. Should the money come back, the films will continue.

One of the issues is actors. No Budget Cinema cannot afford to pay actors so I'm reliant upon performers looking for exposure and willing to appear in anything. When I do pay actors, it's usually for nudity and that ain't cheap. It's a cheap thrill, but it costs a few bucks. What this can often mean is actors who aren't. That's another big reason why I want to do another silent film. I can draw a great performance from a non-actor if they don't have to talk. Not to slight them, it's just logical and true. It is therefore a very good thing that I sincerely love doing silent movies.

Another issue making money vital is that I like using locations and striking visuals to make up for a low budget. Going to the mountains or the desert or a century old train station dresses your film up. Such visuals pretty much cost me only the gasoline to get there and back. Gasoline made up about half of the Hell's Bells budget, I think (without pulling out the production book). We filmed in Yucca Valley, Cajon Pass, the desert beyond Baker, and around the Inland Empire. More than once in some of those locations.

Costumes aren't the challenge they could be. I first raid closets at home and what those don't provide I obtain from second-hand shops and then discount stores like TJ Maxx or Burlington or WalMart. My costuming budget is lower than you might think, considering I like to do period pieces. It also helps to have a family member working at a costume shop, though ironically on Hell's Bells the only piece I used from there was a white dinner jacket I wore to the premier. I include props here because I do much the same thing: use stuff around the house or used items that I can get cheap.

Still, keeping it as cheap as possible, I prefer to produce my films out of pocket. When people give you their money, you rightfully must answer to them. HB cost me less than a thousand dollars to produce. It may not seem like much but I haven't had a spare 'less than a thousand dollars' that I could spend on a movie since HB. The horror film cost maybe three hundred and fifty bucks and 200 of that was for tits in one scene. Crowd-funding provided the fee for the boobs but that is the only real success I've had with that process (go figure). However, if the economy does rebound, crowd-funding might become a lot easier. Still, I would probably prefer to limit it to raising funds for a single element of a film, a special effect or more boobs, of course.

Anyway, I wanted to drop in to let anyone who might still be reading this blog know that I haven't given up. I've simply been doing other important things. Since finishing HB in 2012, I've written and published 10 books with another almost finished as I write this. I've also been on two television shows and continue to be a guest on several podcasts and radio shows. It has been a very productive period for my writing, both nonfiction and fiction -- but I really want to do another film.

Naturally I'll announce when the horror film is finally done and where it can be viewed. In the meantime, you check in once in a while because I may just surprise you and actually get another film started. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

"Hell's Bells" Star Passes

The cast of Hell's Bells and I are saddened at the loss of Joshua Einertson who starred in our silent film in 2012. Josh was an amazing personality to work with and a good soul. He moved on ahead of us just a couple of weeks ago today. He is deeply missed.

Monday, February 8, 2016

AT LAST! No Budget Cinema Returns!

That's right, I am officially announcing that I'll be producing a new film this year. It is presently in the early writing stage but the concept and basic plot have been finalized. We will not go into production until this summer so we're looking at a late 2016 release, sometime between Halloween and Christmas, ideally. This film will likely be in color and it will be a sound picture (talkie), with a contemporary setting. It is more like my stuff before the last film (though that is being facelifted with new post-production and will return...).

As time goes on, I'll be releasing teaser graphics, trailers and the title, of course.

This will be an exciting project for me! I think you'll like it, too.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Notice of Correction

Hey folks,

I would like to use this space to announce a correction. On the film Sloppy Dead Seconds, I miscredited Scott D de Hart as a producer. However, through a mistake on my part, Mr de Hart did not intend to provide funds to the film, he intended for his donation to go to my writing research. Thus I apologize to my associate Mr de Hart for any grief or aggravation this error could or has caused him. Scott was in no way involved with the conception, production or distribution of this film. For the record, we are friends and remain so and this error has in no way affected that fact. However, I like to admit when I make an error and, due to the edgy content of this horror film -- which, by the way, was never released due to my dissatisfaction with it -- I wish to clarify this on behalf of my friend.

Walter Bosley

P.S.  I'm still developing another project so keep watching!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Hello loyal followers,

Just to bring you up to speed, No Budget Cinema is not dead. I have been looking at project ideas, developing one, considering others. I had some other business to attend to with my publishing company and writing projects and those have been going strong. I wrote and published five books in six months last year and they are some of my best works, both fiction and non. I'm also bringing my Lost Continent Library Magazine back for another go at it and that is coming along very nicely. So...with my son in Wisconsin directing his first feature film, naturally my mind and heart return to film!

The film I'm thinking about is not Kaleidoscope Grimoire, as that will require the biggest budget I've worked with yet at a minimum of $5,000. What I have in mind will be another B&W period piece. Things are brewing in the creative aspects of this project so when the time is right, and all goes well, I'll make more posts here about it. I have some considerations to make as regards my general situation because commitment to a film goes much more smoothly with a steady foundation under one's feet. The good thing is that I do not intend for this film to take six months to produce as did Hell's Bells. I will allow myself half that time, one third the cast (if that), and even less money. Anyway, it will benefit from everything I learned on Hell's Bells.

I look forward to 2015 being a good year to return to your 'screens'.

Sunday, April 27, 2014