Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let's Try This Again...


For starters, !@#$%$#@!@#$%$#@!!!! I got an email from MODEL/ACTRESS who totally flaked yesterday and wasted our shooting day. And she tells me the reason she did it was because she has a BOYFRIEND!! Oh fucking gods on Olympus, ladies, don't EVER tell me you're flaking out because of a damned BOYFRIEND! These guys who play that passive aggressive macho bullshit on their women are the bane of my existence. 'Oh, Mister Director, I know you're counting on me and have driven several miles to make it convenient for me to appear in your film and I'm so dedicated to acting, but my boyfriend doesn't want me to do it, tee hee, giggle'. Guys, when you hook up with a girl who is already modeling naked and is dedicated to being an actress, you gotta accept who she is and her choices. Instead of making it about your fucking balls and what your ignorant buddies think, why don't you take pride in your woman being a hot chick who looks great in a movie?? You can even come to my set and watch over your property, if you like. No one's gonna poke it with strange, we're just making cinema here. I lose a day on my schedule and have to recast a role because MODEL/ACTRESS is in love! Oh for chrisskaes! EVERYBODY is in love. THIS is ART!

So, we'll try again today with a different scene. I'm waiting for a major costume piece to arrive, then I'm off. I'll be leaving momentarily to go get Maleina who is coming along with us for today's shoot with Rryan, Jesse and Ray. Gotta go to Victorville to be limo boy. I'm everything on this picture: writer, director, producer, costume designer, and limo driver. But that's only because my stars deserve the best.

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