Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Release Window


It looks like we will be moving the release of GSR to October, but I'm OK with that. We've got the scheduling worked out and now the focus tightens.

I talked about the film a bit on Dark Matters Radio and will be again. In fact, I'll probably talk about it on Radio Misterioso soon, as well.

We're gonna shoot the final scene again because it can be better.

I'm energized. I think I'll post some recent photos of my actors...Here's a BW of Maleina from the day at the bridge, and above is one of Ry being shy, with a buddy, Denniz (not in the movie)


  1. Walt,
    I was the spastic guy who called you during don's show. I sent him the links for you with the work i did for a wrangler jeans commercial.

    Look for Dan Dare on wikipedia, I tell you if you are a freemason or a rosicrucian, Dan Dare will make you go hmmm? Did you ever read the the classic and I mean classic on Freemasons " the Brother from the third Degree?

    Did you read and Robert Lomas work or check out his links for the Scottish Rites?

    be well


  2. Walt, the title could also be "Brother of the third Degree". Need to listen to you and Andy Colvin just discuss the whole paranormal, mothman thing. I have a anecdotal mothman story.