Friday, April 30, 2010

GSR Development Ramblings

Yes, I know which direction I'm going with tomorrow's scene. Thank you, Bob Fosse. Last night I watched a bit of a particular film and saw what I was hoping to see, the way to approach MODEL/ACTRESS' and Jesse's scene. I think I know now how to best capture the essence of what I wrote and storyboarded. It's actually going to be a bit different than the originally imagined visual, but it's practical and should work.

Tonight, I have to get the costume together for MODEL/ACTRESS and gather a few set dressings, put my binder in order and checklist all the equipment. Three lights, a camera and tripod. Oh boy. Hmmm, where's that production assistant...? I hear Pauley Perette hasn't signed her contract with NCIS yet, perhaps she needs something to do!

Should be receiving an important costume piece for the Sunday shoot with Ray, Rryan and Jesse by tomorrow.

I have a production meeting on the Vegas show in LA on the 9th, so that means I get one shooting day next weekend. Have to start throwing in weekdays occasionally, of course. Or double up a bit on Saturday...

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