Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'Treasure of Kukulcana' Edit

Here's a shot of the cave entrance set for the film. This is actually at the bottom of the mountain, near the parking lot. I think they use it for the annual passion play. Every year, a local Jesus emerges from here. That would be a fun short: the resurrection emergence of the Jesus from each year, one right after the other, just to see how different the Jesus looks each time. You could create a really cool morphing shot. Tall Jesus, short Jesus, fat Jesus, skinny Jesus, white Jesus, black Jesus, Latino Jesus, Armenian Jesus, Chinese Jesus, etc, etc. Anyway, it's a cool set. Looks real enough for low budget homage indie flicks copping the style of 1950s back alley Hollywood.

I had to recreate last month's cut I did on the exterior half of the film. Long story, but it's almost back. Tonight I did some great restoration work, actually cut some scenes better than they were before. The 'treasure grove' scene shot last Friday looks sufficient. I can't wait to get this section cut so there only remains plugging in the process shots. Those are the money shots, really. The 'cool shit' that everyone will get a kick out of.

My cast is pretty good. I realize that as I cut certain shots. Jon understands presence and knows what to do with himself. He's good at intensity and confused frustration...Of course, that could just be his horrified reaction to my direction. Eloisa's a pro, too. She actually has these little gestures and expressions that never fail to crack me up as I watch the shots over and over to get just the right one. In fact, Eloisa displays just the right sort of amusement -- she doesn't break character, yet she's the Bugs Bunny of the picture. The one character that could look at the camera and get away with it. Ray is some good ham. I mean that with all respect, too. His face does half the work without trying, but his expressions are classic. Esel is completely at ease and I am anxious to film her again in GSR because you'll get to see more of her in that film.

Cutting gives me the true appreciation for what we've done. TofK is gonna be an entertaining flick.

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