Friday, August 27, 2010


Rryan IM'd me the other night and asked when we were filming again. Ry never contacts me! Motivation seemed to have inspired my star.

So today I drove to Victorville and picked up Ry and Johnny then returned to Redlands to get Jesse. Another lovely day at the peak of a heat wave. We stopped so Ry could get some cigarettes and then we were off to the location.

I needed the entire back seat to move around so I could get the angles I needed on Rryan, so Johnny was gonna stand on the side of the road. No way. Too hot and he'd get harassed by Mentone rednecks, or cops. We dropped him at the coffee shop and hit the road.

It went pretty well. Got everything I needed in about an hour and twenty minutes. Mostly for the opening of the movie, so long shots for superimposed credits. The important thing was establishing Rryan visually. I'm pleased with what I got.

We had to get a shot or two at the bridge, so we also shot some more on Maleina's scene, mostly Jesse's reaction shots. Also a shot of both Ry and Jesse together with the car. Easy stuff. Naturally, local yokels had to be speeding across the bridge every three minutes.

The best part was when Rryan saw a bee fly inside the car. There are several beekeeping hive boxes maintained out in the open about fifty yards from the bridge. Unfortunately, the bees are working the flora under the bridge. Last week, Maleina and I started a swarm. Today wasn't so bad -- but it was funny. Rryan suddenly screamed like a frightened girl and ran away from the car. It was too fucking funny!! Jesse and I enjoyed it. We checked out the car, no bee.

Hopefully we'll be shooting next Wednesday, two key scenes. Looks like we're gonna get rolling on the picture again. I might be able to make the end of September release date, but it's iffy.

The more we inch along and get shot, the better I feel...

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