Friday, May 24, 2013

Pitch Meetings & Travel Channel


I didn't get back here as much as I thought I would this month. That's because I got caught up in preparing my pitch and I've been asked to appear on a cable TV show.

Either before or after I am in Montana for the TV show, I'll be heading to San Diego to pitch the new investor on micro film projects. I'm hoping to shoot a grindhouse style terror film this August that will feature actors who appeared in Hell's Bells and were working on Chthonic before that got shelved. I've been prepping the pitch doc which will now include some ideas from Austin at Bury Shelly Films. I'll be pitching a total of ten film ideas, the main pitch focus on my script that will feature Ray Howard and Bobby Harkins Jr in the lead roles. I'll announce the remainder of the cast if we get funding. I can shoot this film for $5K. More to follow...

Now, regarding the TV show. I've been asked by a Canadian production company to appear on a new Travel Channel series about strange phenomena and mysteries associated with national parks. This is because my Empire of the Wheel books contain material associating world grid phenomena with Glacier National Park. I'll be appearing with my co-host of the first book. They're bringing us to Montana, along with my associate Joseph Farrell, for shooting in early June. I don't know when it will air, but I should have some idea when I return. Naturally, I'll report it here.

Back to movies:

I have completed some promo graphics for the new film project, but I prefer not to post it until I have funding. Should this film get the backing, you'll learn a lot more about it. As I said, it features Ray Howard, Bobby Harkins Jr with Maleina Malinskii in the lead roles and Jesse Cowser, Eloisa Alaniz-Gomez and Michele McClelland all from Hell's Bells (Maleina was on the makeup and hair crew).

Stay tuned!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Developing Projects Update

Hey all,

I have been very busy finishing a book this past several weeks. That's why there's been no posts here in almost a month. But now that the book is finished, I am back on the film festival and developing film projects.

As you recall, CHTHONIC was shelved for a while. With the festival and the book keeping me busy, I've had time to consider which film would replace CHTHONIC. The best part about the time away is that I've also been working the funding issue and I ended up with a new source! I have already prepared a pitch document and have been conferring with my access guy, a professional marketing consultant with money contacts. I should be pitching the new investor within a couple of weeks or so.

I have ten ideas organized into three categories of budget level with one being the prime pitch for hopeful immediate greenlight. It's a terror film for which I just figured out the final title tonight. It will be an R rated film to be sure, featuring Ray Howard, Bobby Harkins Jr, and Maleina Malinskii, among others. I'll announce the title if it gets the nod because I'll be going into production in August so I'll want to start promoting the film.

Anyway, I'm back on film stuff now, so more frequent postings will follow...