Friday, May 14, 2010

Back On Schedule!

At last, we're gonna film again.

Monday, I'm shooting the scene with Jesse and Bethany, who is replacing MODEL/ACTRESS. We'll have plenty of time to get this scene just right. This is a rather intimate scene, though not graphic. In fact, it's all dialogue. The close relationship between the actors is what will make the intimacy between the characters, hopefully. I can't stand having to wade through awkwardness with two actors physically unfamiliar with each other. It wastes time. Where this scene is concerned, I do have faith that MODEL/ACTRESS' flakiness forcing a recast will turn out for the better.

On Tuesday I plan to shoot the motel scenes with Jesse and Ry. If I can get through these, I'll have four, maybe five scenes, completed. Out of 34!! We got lots o'shootin' left to do! Hmmm, at this rate, we might have half the movie shot before Jesse goes to Texas for two months. I'd rather have two thirds or three quarters done by then.

I think the next scenes after the motel and Monday's stuff will be the Big Daddy/Uncle Red scenes, and then maybe we'll do all the car scenes. That would bring us up to about fourteen scenes. Then, if I can get the nightclub scenes shot before Jesse goes, we'll be almost halfway done. Shooting at the bridge will knock out four scenes. Hmm, we could have twenty scenes before Jesse goes. That would be better, but I doubt we'll have that many. Still, I'm going for twenty scenes by mid June.

One nice thing about Jesse being gone is that I'll have plenty of time to edit.

Tomorrow night is a screening of Metropolis featuring the original score, at the Laemle...

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