Friday, April 30, 2010

What the ???

So the day before we start shooting, I get a four and a half hour round of bullshit thrown my way on my day job. Too unbelievable to go into here, but a royal pain in the ass. Left me with an adrenalin rush. (I'm a P.I.)

Anyway, we're scheduled tomorrow to do MODEL/ACTRESS's scene with Jesse! Cool. I am anxious to get this picture started. It's very surreal that it's here upon us. It came upon me so quickly and effortlessly. Now we're shooting.

I'm sort of bummed that Hollywood Video closed. It was so superior to Blockbuster. Figures. An actual classics section. BB employed a lot of assholes, but I never encountered an asshole at a HV. Ever. Always pleasant and knowledgeable about movies.

Someone asked me how I had so much time to write things on the computer. Well, my work has me out and about a lot of places with wifi, for one. Another thing, my current employment includes writing a stage show. Anyway, just cuz I'm home doesn't mean I'm not working. It's a dream I've had for decades and now I'm doing it.

I now know exactly how we're gonna do MODEL/ACTRESS' and Jesse's scene, staging wise.

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