Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Boy, Have I Been Busy!

I have been busy for six days straight editing the film. I have done two full cuts, with third versions of two large scenes already. The film is really coming along. Hopefully I'll be posting an official trailer soon!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hell's Bells Editing

I'll be in San Diego for a few days and will hopefully emerge Friday with the first cut of the film!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Post Production Update: Hell's Bells

What an aggravating week!

Because my laptop is a few years old, I had to get a new OS and start from scratch. That went easier than I expected and I downloaded my editing program. But after editing three scenes, it all crashed! And the scenes I thought I'd saved? Gone.

I was pissed off. But there is still time to get a cut done before the cast screening party so I returned my focus to remaining B roll shots. Two easy shots are a bar sign and a close-up of one supporting character. Another shot is of an oasis. Oases exist within an hour's drive from the Lost Amazon No Budget studios, but most are on tribal property (That's where guerrilla filmmaking really comes into play). I also need a shot of a vintage airplane, but discovered the one I've been wanting and searching for is actually based in Oregon -- and is the only working model in the world. Going to Oregon is not in the budget, so I emailed the owners about obtaining some stock footage. No answer. That's the downside to no budget filmmaking, some people don't take you seriously (until they see your work...and that's usually when I win them over). However, the plane isn't so necessary so if I don't find a substitute aircraft, I'll just cut the shot. What is mandatory is the train shot. I plan to get that this coming week while in San Diego cutting the film.

Because of the computer issues, I'll be cutting the film in San Diego at my friend's home facility, if we can't get my system working. I'll have just enough time to cut the film and get a DVD burned for the cast screening next Friday. It'll be a first rough cut, but everyone will get a chance to see the basic vision in 'Vintage Vision' black and white, with title cards and credits, and the original music scored by Joseph Farrell.

Anyway, it was a tough week with false starts and disappointments, but that's all part of the No Budget Cinema experience!

More to follow, especially on how soon the first official trailer will be released...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Post Production Update

I'm finishing title cards. A tedious but big task for a silent movie. Still, I'm creating them faster than I expected it would take. Next week, I'll get the B roll shot and start editing...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Hell's Bells" Wraps!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Night Wrap! One More Day To Go!

Here are some stills from tonight...

"Hell's Bells" Shoot Tonight!

I'll be dressing the set later today for tonight's activity. There has been some stormy weather in surrounding areas, but it seems to have passed us by and we have clear skies. I have a few things to pick up today and then a shot list to create. Tonight should yield some of the best moments of the film!

More to follow, including some stills...