Friday, May 7, 2010

Next Scene...

I've been busy on other productions the past couple of days. The Vegas show is starting to roll now, the promos are up. Also, we're getting real close to finishing the development phase of 'Secret of the Amazon Queen'. AND my non-fiction book is moving through the editorial phase. Spoke with the agent about alternate titles today and we (he, my co-author Rick and I) definitely agree on cover art ideas. I have a production staff meeting on the Vegas show in L.A. this Sunday.

I'm hoping to shoot something on Saturday. I'd like to shoot the motel stuff, but nobody rents a room from morning until night, I don't think. We need to get those scenes in one stay. Hmmm, actually, maybe they will... It's only two scenes. Skeleton crew (me with camera and tripod), two actors, Rryan's sidekick Hoski and BF Johnny, and maybe Jessica. Hmmm, we'll have to trickle in. I'm sure that asking to shoot a movie in a motel room would create more complications than I need, so we're just going guerilla. I'll check in, claim one with me, then nonchalantly the others will come to the room and we'll quietly shoot the scenes. If I didn't have to be in L.A. Sunday morning, I'd just stay in the room all night. It makes me wonder: when does anyone ever use 'chalantly'?? Well, if we don't shoot that stuff, we'll maybe do the hamburger joint scene.

Next week we're making up for last Saturday and I'm actually more excited about the scene than before. We have a local actress and she has a rapport with Jesse, so that will serve the scene. I'll be able to take more time getting it just right.

Caught an Orson Welles film on TCM today and it gave me an idea for some visuals. Think I'm definitely gonna go with it.

I must secure the cars this weekend. Hoping for my best friend's dad's Fiat for the leads, and anything really will do for the other guys. Once I get the cars set, there's a lot we can get shot.

Getting late...

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