Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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Hey kids!

Production resumes on 'Sloppy Dead Seconds'

Wed:  We drive up to Big Bear Lake to get some shots. Also, I'll be prepping props and set for the big scene of the week.
Thurs: Shooting with Eloisa in the grove. Finish set construction and take test shots for angles, lighting, etc for big scene.
Fri:  Final prep during the day, shooting scene at night.
Sat or Sun:  Shooting inserts
Next Monday:  Motel interiors with Liliana and Belva
Next Tuesday:  Final sequence with Liliana in the grove

After principal is done, I'll take a few days off to catch my breath and attend the Lovecraft Film Festival in San Pedro. This will be our third year at the fest but we're only attending Saturday (the bigger day) this year. Our entourage has expanded: Myself, my son director Austin Bosley, writer-filmmaker Shawn Kelley, wannabe actor and group fool Bobby Harkins Jr, his dad Big Bob Sr. Festival Newbies: actress Liliana Bouttavong, Star Wars idiot Amanda 'Sasquatch' Francis. We'll be seeing other friends there including our spider handler from Hell's Bells Deb Reilman and her gang. I'll be talking more about this fest right before and after, so enough of that for now. After the festival weekend, I'll do a rough cut of the film and identify anything I may have missed or learn that I need. Once all the elements are together, I'll do another cut and show it to a limited audience. From that response, I'll do a final cut. Then I'll add the music and final touches on effects and transitions. At that point, the film should be done.

I'm hoping I'll have Sloppy Dead Seconds finished and audience-ready in early October. That'll be about the time I will need to go to Arizona and meet with the new producer, per his request, to discuss the next project, to be shot in December.

More to follow...

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