Monday, September 30, 2013

Return of 'Kukulcana'

As some of you know, I intend to make a feature length film that will incorporate "Hell's Bells". I came up with the basic idea last year. With a firm grasp on the current film, and the next film cruising at good development pace, I can think about the screenplay for the Kukulcana feature. This weekend, I found what I think will be the framework for the new material that will make "Hell's Bells" a feature film...and, no, it ain't Lovecraft. The working title is "The Treasure of Kukulcana" but that might not be the final title. As with my fiction, I tend to let titles emerge from the material, so as it's being written I'm sure that will happen to my satisfaction.

My objective is a 90 minute feature film that will be the definitive version of this story I first attempted to bring to the screen in 2010 and then did in silent 'Vintage Vision' two years later. The new film will feature new characters and a few of those seen in "Hell's Bells". However, the story will be contemporary as will the style, to keep things simple. The beauty of the project is that it's actually half shot. I only need to produce a 45 minute movie to marry up with what I plan to do with "Hell's Bells". So I am energized by this script's development especially since I found the story inspiring the new frame. Not to be misleading, the source material for the new framework of the action isn't a Lovecraft story, but it doesn't mean there won't be a Lovecraft influence. I already suspect there will, but 'Treasure of Kukulcana' is my original story so the influences will be there to serve that. I'll likely have the new material started tonight and take my time with it, as I have a film to finish and another one to write and direct for another producer in the meantime.

The feature will involve a lead character enlisted/hired (haven't decided) to find out what happened to Josef at the end of "Hell's Bells". We will see more glimpses of some of the characters from that film but, for the most part, the cast of the feature will be rounded out with entirely new characters. You will see Ray Howard and Eloisa Alaniz for certain, and likely Michele McClelland and hopefully Suzi Shields, too. We will also revisit some of the same locations, obviously, but there will be new ones, as well. This new half of the film will reflect my taste for adventure mystery, Hammer horror, film noir, and maybe a touch of Harryhausen (maybe). It will be in color and sound, of course.

Because I want this to be right, I'm not going to rush into it, but I do want to shoot it next year. If there are any process shots, they will be done last, after the live action principal is completed. So don't look for the release before Christmas 2014 and even then I will want to make theatrical/festival screening rounds (if I can achieve that) before any streaming or home video availability. Look for a title as soon as I've completed the script for the feature story, hopefully by the holidays.

In the meantime, you'll have 'Sloppy Dead Seconds' and the monster movie I'm making with the new producer in Arizona this December.

More to follow...

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