Monday, September 9, 2013

New Production Week On 'Sloppy Dead Seconds'


I just landed an actress for the remaining role and now the cast is complete. She will appear in a key scene and I'm looking forward to shooting that one. It will likely be the last scheduled shooting day on principal photography as it requires the most one real set in the film and involves three actors.

Welcome Varoness to the cast!

This week, we have three shooting days scheduled. Tomorrow with Kaite we will do a 58-shot sequence of the film, so it'll be our longest shooting day yet (probably about three hours). Wednesday will be as long with Belva as we'll be shooting four and a half scenes, plus some transition stuff, an integral chunk of the film. Thursday will be some insert shots and maybe a couple of motel room scenes. By Friday, we'll damned near have the entire movie shot and that gives me a week to prep for the one set-piece we have to create.

Look for postings of more stills!

Here we go...

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