Thursday, September 12, 2013

"SDS" Production Update

Tuesday was not a good day for "Sloppy Dead Seconds".

The "actress" took off with her costume and gas money -- BEFORE we shot the scene! This petty theft aside (We're only talking $50 total, costume included), I quickly cast a replacement and we'll shoot the sequence next week. One thing for sure, I'll have a good story to tell!

Wednesday was MUCH better. We shot some integral scenes with Belva and Liliana and myself. The movie is almost half shot now. All that remains is catching up on the hooker scene with Eloisa Alaniz-Gomez, a sequence in which Liliana is terrorized, an all-important backstory scene, and the inserts and atmospherics.

This one is a quickie!

I'll be posting some images from yesterday in a little while...

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