Sunday, September 29, 2013

Development of Next Film for New Producer

The date for the development trip has been set!

I'll be heading over to Arizona on Oct 21st for a couple of days to discuss the upcoming horror/sci-fi project with the producer. Writing and directing for hire on this one and I'm excited about this project. I discovered that I like being given the basic concept a producer wants and working with him to develop a story, script and production. As soon as the producer is ready to announce this, I'll start reporting more details. For now, I will say that the production will be using talent from the Phoenix-Sedona-Flagstaff areas and will be filmed in the wilderness of the northern part of that state. It is a monster movie and will be a lot of fun and on the sexy side of PG13. This film will be made under the producer's label and my No Budget Cinema, and released through his company.

Depending upon how this first film goes, we envision a series of films in the same genre of crypto creatures, ancient mysteries and strange phenomena.

More to follow...

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