Friday, September 27, 2013

'Sloppy Dead Seconds' Production Update

OK, here's the latest!

Because I want one particular scene to be exactly what I want and need it to be, money will be required. I'll be getting more of that some time in October, so I've altered the production schedule:

Next week, we are shooting with Liliana Bouttavong on Monday and Tuesday in the orange groves; and hopefully on Friday night with Satira. Because Wednesday is my birthday, I'll be out of pocket for a couple days. That should bring us up to about 90% of what's written.

Once I get the next batch of money, then I'll schedule that last important bit. I have to go to Arizona for a couple of days to meet with the producer of the December project so that last bit of principal will likely get done after that, which means I'm looking at mid-late October before the film is done and a first cut is ready. But this is okay because I want to shoot the scene as envisioned and it looks like I'll have to pay someone after the flakiness of one 'actress' and the non response of others. No biggie. This is just the way it is in the microbudget indie world.

I finished the sequence with Eloisa Alaniz today and the footage looks good.

We're doing good, because it will still only have taken us about ten shooting days over a month and a half to shoot a feature. I am pleased.

More to follow...

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