Saturday, August 3, 2013

'Sloppy Dead Seconds' In Pre-Production

I am making the shooting schedule for next week!

Last night I bought the costume for Eloisa Alaniz' character and will be putting together two other costumes this weekend. I hope to start shooting at least by Wednesday, maybe sooner. The first scenes we'll knock out  this month will be with the characters who are in only one sequence each. That will leave the remaining principal with characters who have more screen time, and the leads are in all of it, of course. I'm saving the final sequence for last. Two scenes are shot already, since our star Maleina Malinskii was in town a couple of weeks ago. She'll be returning from Vegas for a couple of weeks, which might move shooting the final sequence up sooner into the mix because I've got to shoot it while I have her here.

Anyway, it's exciting to finally be approaching production on this film. It may be the most fun shoot yet for us, certainly the most fun movie we'll present thus far.

More to follow...

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