Sunday, August 25, 2013

SDS Production Update & Misc Developments

Well, you can tell we're making a microbudget movie because it has been aggravating. Just as I get the actors I was waiting for ready to go, another one throws a glitch into the mix. That means I'll be shooting establishing and atmospheric shots this coming week and principal will commence when Maleina Malinskii arrives from Vegas next weekend. At least we're getting started again.

Meanwhile, I started developing a film for a possible series of films being discussed with a new producer. These will be horror pictures produced micro, of course. The first one we're talking about shooting outside of California, tentatively in December. These films would be produced by a party other than No Budget Cinema and released under his banner, not Lost Amazon. I'll be writing and directing ideas from the producer who owns an extensive library of material to draw from. I'll reveal more when it looks like more of a sure thing, but I will say that doing the series was a pitch I made to him just yesterday and I am quite enthused about the prospect. Let's hope it works out!

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