Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shooting Resumes On New Film

Tonight I picked up Raymond Howard, who plays Inspector Malone in CHTHONIC, and we shot his stuff in a spooky sequence. We waited until it was almost dark, capturing excellent footage in three areas of Redlands as the evening progressed. As usual, Ray was a natural. All that remains for this sequence are the shots of what's stalking his character. I'll post a still or two tomorrow.

I pick up the star, Maleina Malinskii and special consultant and Maleina's personal MUA, Ry Bouttavong, tomorrow and bring them here for a couple of days and nights. You should remember Ry from Greenspot Road, but if not, go back on this blog to 2010. We'll be shooting around town with Maleina solo and also doing her scene with Ray outside the cafe.

Maleina Malinskii, star of CHTHONIC
Ry Bouttavong

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