Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Onto The Next Thing

I guess it's time to start talking about the new film, Chthonic.

I took a week off from everything after the premier of Hell's Bells. A much needed time off as I was stressed beyond past experience. The premier went well. It was fun, people had a good time. Now I can get to the business of distributing the film while entering it in festivals. I'll be known as the silent movie guy for the next few months or so, while shooting the new film. As long as I'm known for something, I shouldn't bitch, right?

The script I'm re-working to better reflect what I want out of the available resources I have to make this film. The touches are presenting themselves. A lot will arise in the shooting because, unlike HB, I'll have more time to concentrate, more time to shoot the scenes. This film will develop in the doing even more so than HB. I'm looking forward to that. My actors are enthused. Several people who saw the trailer at the premier are really intrigued. I'm making this movie for me and then for them. Mostly for people who don't mind a film unwinding at its own pace. I'm lucky that I even get to make movies. The best thing is having all the creative control. Sure, I'm considering what I need to make it marketable, but that starts simply with 'good'. That's followed by 'true'.

Anyway, I'm going to enjoy making this movie. What I mean is, I'm going to let myself enjoy making this film. It'll be scary in the way that it is. There are more dimensions to horror films than just scaring people. Maybe I'm making a film that has horror in it, as opposed to making a horror film. I like that difference. Kind of like High Plains Drifter is a horror film. Yes it is.

Anyway, Lynch is an influence on me so I listen to a lot of Badalamenti during the process of conceptualizing the film.

It's late/early, I gotta get some sleep.

I'll be talking more about the new film now...

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