Monday, July 2, 2012

Prop Building & This Week's Shoot

Well, tonight I constructed an important prop for Hell's Bells. We'll be needing it for the scene on Thursday which we're shooting out in the Mojave Desert. In July!

Things are really moving now, since we got the replacements for two supporting characters. They're closer and more available, so the budget and the schedule are served nicely. Also, we're past the halfway point on principal photography. We'll be knocking out multiple scenes on shooting days now, so that will hopefully see the shoot wrapping by the end of this month. Naturally, once I sit down to edit the first cut, if I find anything not quite there I will throw those actors into costume and get whatever pickup I need in August.

This week, we'll be shooting one of the two most exciting scenes in the film! I'm really looking forward to it, as is Jesse. It's a fun scene that is also a bit complicated, but will provide a few money shots. It will be well worth the effort. We have a two hour drive to reach the location, then we'll need about a two hour window to get the scene right, and then the return drive. I think it'll be the longest day yet on the picture -- and for a scene with only one actor (well, sorta two...). I love going on location and this one I think will prove to make the movie look even better. My production assistants will be taking on the set photos, of course, and a few will be posted here.

Now onto other things...

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