Monday, July 30, 2012

"Hell's Bells" Night Shoot

This Wednesday night we will shoot in the studio facility outdoor set -- and a very important couple of scenes! I'll have all five of my lead actors on hand for the most terrifying moments of the film. These will be the most complicated scenes of the entire movie but the payoff will be most enjoyable. I'm looking forward to getting Suzi and Michelle in full makeup and doing a few other things I have planned. For the next two days, I'll be building props and pulling together elements for effects and such.

I'm very excited to be at this stage of production on this film. It's really going to come together once I'm editing and I can't wait to release an official trailer. The teasers have been just that, experimental glimpses at what we've been doing. But once I have all the movie footage to draw from, and now that I have the music for the film secured, I'll be able to produce the proper trailer.

So, I will let you know when we've completed principal photography and I'll also post updates and stuff during the coming month, as I complete B roll and process the film through the post production phase.

Also, look for announcements relating to the next film -- a full length feature!

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