Monday, December 7, 2015

Notice of Correction

Hey folks,

I would like to use this space to announce a correction. On the film Sloppy Dead Seconds, I miscredited Scott D de Hart as a producer. However, through a mistake on my part, Mr de Hart did not intend to provide funds to the film, he intended for his donation to go to my writing research. Thus I apologize to my associate Mr de Hart for any grief or aggravation this error could or has caused him. Scott was in no way involved with the conception, production or distribution of this film. For the record, we are friends and remain so and this error has in no way affected that fact. However, I like to admit when I make an error and, due to the edgy content of this horror film -- which, by the way, was never released due to my dissatisfaction with it -- I wish to clarify this on behalf of my friend.

Walter Bosley

P.S.  I'm still developing another project so keep watching!

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