Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Film Update

Hey kids,

OK here's where we're at. The campaign to raise the fee for the stunt actress got a big boost from anonymous donation, but we're still not there. Not even halfway. And there are less then 30 days to go. I gotta start pushing more because I know I can raise more.

There is still the issue of the remainder of the budget. For that, I've been working opportunities with investors, but it's thin out there. Ideally, I'd like a minimum of $3k (beyond the $500 from the indiegogo campaign), but I may not get it. Might have to shoot this one on contingency again and almost everyone in the cast has agreed to do it, God bless 'em. Looks like I have only two roles to recast: one actor moved away and might not be available to return, the other won't do it unless we got the money. No problems though because I already have alternatives! I have replacements for both roles, so we're good to go on that.

I have really lucked out in the music department. My last picture, Hell's Bells, had original scores composed and conducted by a friend. Lo and behold, so will this film. Another friend has two bands and writes his own songs and he's composed a song for the picture. It's very cool to me for my films to have music not heard anywhere before and especially when it's written for the movie. The scores used in HB will, in my mind, always be linked to my film. The song, and incidental music from it, written for Sloppy Dead Seconds will be posted soon in a short little teaser.

We had to take so long to make Hell's Bells because of the nature of the production and the actors' schedules limited us to usually only one shooting day per week. It's going to feel strange to be shooting this new picture in a period of just a few weeks. What's better about this film, production-wise, is that I wrote a story in which most of the cast can shoot their stuff in a day. There are only a few characters who will have multiple shooting days. That makes contingency shooting more palatable. Few people mind giving a day or even two working on a project without pay. They get to be in a movie, you know.

I'm planning to start shooting around Aug 1st and finish by the end of the month. I have to be, ideally.

Let's see how this one happens...


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