Saturday, November 3, 2012

Update On Final Progress of Movie Post Production

You guys have been seeing so many posts here promoting Hell's Bells, I thought I'd share some actual comments about how post production is going.

I finished getting all the necessary elements included into the visual story. Taking a month off from doing anything -- not even looking at it! -- did wonders for me and the film. Where I'm at presently is cutting and pacing, specifically I'm doing the fun stuff. Because this is a silent film set in the late 1920s, I'm adding some touches typical of the experience of films of that decade. Remember, this film is homage rather than pastiche. I'm taking the liberty of using authentic touches where I see fit. The fun touches will actually serve to bring the film in around 50 minutes, which is ideal for the premier audience. Once I get the pacing the way I want it, then I'll be doing things like playing with the contrast and adding scratches and diffusion.

Tonight I'm burning the latest cut onto DVD with the actual Joseph Farrell scores because I want to watch it as I would any other movie. I haven't seen anything but the first rough cut of 67 minutes on anything other than a computer monitor and in sections, so I look forward to a straight through viewing.

I'm looking at the premier as a test screening. There are several people attending who will give me their honest comments, as well as attendees who I'll lean an ear toward after the show. From this I can tweak whatever I need to before committing to a final cut for distribution. I am anxious to get the film submitted to the Lovecraft festival in Portland, though, but I don't want to rush that either. Above all else, I want the film to be entertaining and people who have seen even the lengthy 67 minute cut without any touches but the B&W say it is. I'll be viewing it with three members of the cast this coming week -- the three who haven't seen it yet -- so it'll be interesting to see their reactions.

Well, I gotta back to the editing station. I wanted to post something other than a promo tonight. More to follow...

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