Thursday, May 10, 2012

HB Weekly Update

We shot a couple of scenes on the 'backlot' today -- Mt Rubidoux, just across the valley, played host to an annual Easter pageant for many years and participants built a 'cave' to serve as Jesus' tomb from which he would emerge alive. You can see this permanent cave set in the trailer for the original version of 'Hell's Bells'. I'm using this set again and today's shoot went very well.

On Friday, we'll be on location in the desert for two scenes depicting our lead characters on their journey. I will likely post some stills some time over the weekend...

In the meantime, enjoy the cheesy goodness of this early homage to B- films of an era gone by... Take note also of the lovely Eloisa Alaniz and the fez-sporting Raymond Howard, two more resources being recycled in "Hell's Bells"

The Cave of Kukulcana

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