Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shooting on Friday

We'll hopefully be wrapping up the shooting on the interior set tomorrow! That will account for 8.5 pages of a 40 page script, so it's a big chunk to get done. I had originally scheduled it for two days, but there was no way we were going to get it done right that quickly. We may not actually finish tomorrow, because a page and a half of what's required on the set is actually later in the film. I might just re-dress it next month and shoot the final bit then, because it'll only be one actor. But essentially, tomorrow should wrap up the sequence with the four actors. Of course, I'm talking about principal coverage here. There is always the possibility of wanting to go back and get some insert shots to tighten the seams. That doesn't worry me.

We have maybe one or two more days of the easy stuff, i.e. actors in costumes walking around the desert. But once that's shot, it's all set pieces and physical effects and complicated action moments after that. But that's OK because it simply means we're getting the movie shot. Once principal is done, all that remains are 'atmospherics' for transitions -- and then First Cut!

I have a particular location shoot to do before I can put together a proper trailer, because I haven't wanted to do the real trailer without some particular characters represented. They are iconic, you might say, so they have to be in it. We had one actor drop out for personal reasons, so we're re-casting and then finishing costuming issues and we can shoot their scene I plan to use in the trailer.

So, Friday will be another day on the set, and there will be more stills posted...

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